Modern Minimalist Apartment Interior Design with White and Gray Color Scheme

modern minimalist apartment interior design
© Yael Perry – White color reflecting neat and comfortable impression, especially for home design. Renovating a residence must be created with a perfect design to give an awful look. Like the apartment design here, Yael Perry has been creating innovative and creative ideas which compared into one charming design. Modern minimalist apartment interior design is the best idea which comes out from him. This concept carries out between a simplicity and contemporary idea which join into one space.

This concept carries out between a simplicity and contemporary idea which join into one space. The designer was smart to choose a white and gray color scheme for applying to the design. Take a peek for more detail design here!

Modern Minimalist Open Plan Living Room Concept with Monochrome Theme

© Yael Perry

Comfort living room with an open plan concept idea will manipulate your small apartment. An open arrangement which completes with dark and white color combination describe a contemporaneous look to the design itself.

monochrome living room design ideas
© Yael Perry

Small coffee table and dark bed-sofa provide you a coziness to enjoying your quality time with your family. A simple decorative plant will bring a bit fresh effect to the living space.

dark-gray-sofa-design for open plan concept
© Yael Perry

A grid unique wall shelves with modern multiple pendant lights fit the modern minimalist apartment interior design here. Simple display or ornament which put on the shelve you can put on it to add an aesthetic value inside.

private room with white design ideas
© Yael Perry

Private room with white color brings out a serenity impression to this room. Put some decorative plant on the corner side. A white wooden flooring will support the modern and minimalist style for an apartment here.

Minimalist Interior Kitchen Design with White Color Scheme

minimalist white dining room
minimalist kitchen design ideas
minimalist dining room set
© Yael Perry

For the kitchen and dining area, white color palette becomes the main decor ideas for this flat. To make does not look monotonous, a black chair here give a variation to its space. Simple gray wall accent fits the white cabinets inside and makes this room better.

Modern Bedroom Design Combined with White and Gray Color

gray-bedroom-design with modern pendant light
© Yael Perry

Between 2 of master bedrooms above, both beds have a modernity look. Modern minimalist style for an apartment especially for the bedroom is great option to be applied. You may combine with your custom design to this room. Modern pendant lights with white and gray color scheme make the whole room looks charming. Simple motifs bedsheet and pillow are perfect to be used.

black-and-white-barstools for balcony
© Yael Perry

Small balcony with a monochrome theme is available to make your body and mind relax while seeing a scenery outside.

© Yael Perry
© Yael Perry

Small bathroom with minimalist style design will support the modern minimalist apartment interior design ideas. Make your apartment looks perfect and awesome by applying the concept here.