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apartment interior design ideas

It must be tough to live in an apartment because of the limited space. It is really different when we live in a house. We can change design it with our own imagination actually. But, it is not really easy to do it. If we want to renovate it, we must have brilliant ideas to transform it into the great one. Here, we will provide you an awesome apartment interior design ideas which inspire you.

awesome apartment design
© style motivation

For you who looking for a simple apartment design, the picture above may help you. It is a great idea to make a divider between living room and kitchen. So, it will not disturb the activity in both rooms. In the living room, we do not need to use the large sofa, we can use a medium size sofa to save up some space. A small cabinet also enough to put your stuff in it. Next, to the kitchen, the designer attaches the cupboard on the wall. So, it will make the kitchen spacious. The flooring uses a wooden style to support the white color theme.

beautiful apartment design ideas
© pickndecor

The beautifulness of this design is superb. We can see it right away after seeing the picture a bit. A comfortable sofa along with a gorgeous rug will make your day shine brightly. We can also see a mini ceiling light on above. What makes us surprised because we can find a small dining room. Actually, it is kinda cute because it uses small table and chair. For you who dream of to have a dining room in a small apartment, this is a great design idea which you can follow.

colorful apartment design
© design for life

If you want a colorful apartment design. We are sure the ideas above can satisfy all the people. It combines red, black and white colors. Even though it is not that colorful, it is enough to make the room livelier. As for the tiles, it combines wooden and normal one. Also, the table shape is really unique, this is a plus point which makes these ideas awesome. For the last, we can see a beautiful rug which makes our feet comfortable.

apartment interior design
© night vale

The interesting part of this design is the unique lamp. It is like you have a studio in your own apartment. The designer put a multifunctional cabinet which can put our important stuff. For the table, it uses a circle shape to save up some space in the room. As for the sofa, the medium size is a perfect choice. Actually, the placement of the rug is a little bit weird but it does not affect the room appearance. Also, if you want to feel the breeze air outside, just open the door to feel it directly. It will also make the room fresh for sure. For the last, a small window is attached to the back of the apartment.

great apartment design ideas
© freshome

The designer really takes advantages of limited space in the apartment. They design it really well, it fits perfectly in the room. The sofa already put in the perfect place. We can watch TV without any problem. Also, we do not need to put the extra cabinet on the TV, just attach it to the wall already solved the problem. For the table, it uses a medium size with three chairs. To beautify the room, we can see a beautiful flower put in near the window. It is quite something indeed. Last but not least, we can see a beautiful yet unique ceiling light.

stunning apartment deisgn
© geometrix

This one is really awesome without a doubt. We are sure you can tell which one is the most outstanding. The answer is the wall. It is like a puzzle. All people will live happily in a place like this. A colorful room with a unique design. You will not find this kind of ideas easily. The placement of the furniture is really nice. Especially, a unique cabinet which has a TV on it.

library apartment design
© connector country

For the last one, we will present you the most awesome one. When the first time we see the picture. It is like we have our own library. For a bookworm, this apartment already becomes their paradise. We can also see the apartment use a brick wall instead of normal one. Of course, to make it more complete, the flooring use a wooden accent. For the finishing touch, a mini table with four chairs already provided.


You do not need to feel confused anymore after seeing the best apartment design ideas which we offer. This is the right time to redesign your own apartment. If you need more information about the apartment and home design, Roohome is the only website which can satisfy all people.