Christmas House Decoration Ideas | Let’s Decorate Our House to Welcome the Christmas Event!

Christmas house decoration ideas

Now, we have arrived in the winter season which means that the Christmas has come. And in order to welcome this once a year event, we need to give our house some decorations with a Christmas theme. By giving some decorations in our house, this event will be more rousing. If you confuse to choose it yourself, just take a look at some of the Christmas house decoration ideas that we are about to give you below as an inspiration.

Christmas Living Room Decoration Ideas

Let us start with the living room first. As we know that this part of the house is where we will gather with our family and friends during the Christmas. Then, we should decorate it with a lot of gorgeous and eye-catching decorations to make the Christmas atmosphere increasingly felt in this room. No matter what type of living room design that you have.

Entrance Door Decorations

The entrance door is related to the living room as it is used as the entrance for us to get into the room. That is why we give you some decorations that you can use for it.

entrance door ribbon decoration
© DIY Adulation
entrance door christmas wreath
© Marcia Burt
entrance door greenery decoration
Rachel Buchanan Hobbs

As we have seen from the three pictures above, you can use a ribbon, wreath, or greenery respectively. A giant ribbon is really good to decorate our entrance door as it really identical with the Christmas.

Then, a Christmas wreath also really good to be placed in the middle of the entrance door especially if we add it with some lights which will be really gorgeous at night.

Or we can place the wreath around the entrance door like the last picture and combine it with a long read fabric and lights to make it prettier.

Wall Decorations

The living room wall also needs to be decorated with some beautiful decorations. And now, we will give you some of the decorations that you can use for your living room wall.

christmas tree wall decoration
© Joyce Kimble
wall christmas tree
© Danielle Luyf
wreath wall decoration
© Nicole Backhaus

For the wall, there are a lot of decorations that we can use in order to decorate it. The first picture shows you that a wall decoration of a Christmas tree can be a really good idea especially when we do not have a big budget to buy the real Christmas tree.

For this decoration, you can place it in the middle of your living room wall or in the corner of the wall like the example that you can see in the second picture.

If you are not satisfied with that decoration, you can add some wreath around your living room like the third picture. With some lights on it, it will be a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Christmas Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Now, let us show you the decorations which you can use to decorate your bedroom with the Christmas theme. Just for your information that the decorations for the bedroom usually simpler than the ones that we use for the living room as it just to make the atmosphere increasingly felt as well as making the event more festive.

Christmas bedroom decoration 1
© Elle Studio Gallery
Christmas bedroom decoration 2
© Nicole Rossmango
Christmas bedroom decoration 3
© Sellivia Debora
Christmas bedroom decoration 4
© the BearFoot Baker (Lisa)
Christmas bedroom decoration 5
© The Hamby Home

In creating a Christmas atmosphere inside your bedroom, you can use the wreath that you can see in some pictures above. As we know that this kind of decoration is really suitable to be placed on every corner of a house.

You can place it on the wall above your bed like the examples above or on your bedroom door. And you can also give some additional decorations such as writings about Christmas and etc.

The other decorations that you can use are the Christmas tree, lights, and Christmas themed pillowcases. And for the Christmas tree, you can use the small one if you have a small bedroom design and put it on your light table or you can use the large one if your bedroom has enough space.

Christmas Kitchen Decoration Ideas

The last room that you need to decorate with the Christmas theme decorations is the kitchen. Similar to the other rooms, the kitchen also has a lot of decorations to use. We can place those decorations in many places such as the window, around the stove or sink, and on the dining table. Here are the decorations that you can take as an example.

Christmas kitchen decoration 1
© Emileigh Gaeta
Christmas kitchen decoration 2
© Beatrice Karlinda
Christmas kitchen decoration 3
© Claudia Dupree
Christmas kitchen decoration 4
© Debi Bishop
Christmas kitchen decoration 5
Kelly Elko

Placing a Christmas wreath on your kitchen door, wall, and kitchen set like the first and second picture is a really great idea as it will make your kitchen looks perfect to celebrate the Christmas event.

Then, you can also use some small Christmas trees and place it on the window near the kitchen sink. And you can add it with some lights to make the trees look gorgeous and similar to the big one.

You can even decorate your kitchen ceiling with some colorful balls which often used for the Christmas tree. Just hang it on the ceiling like the one that you can see in the fourth picture.


That is all that we can show you about the Christmas house decoration ideas that you can apply for your house. May our article be very useful for you who want to decorate the house with a Christmas theme decorations. And do not forget to always visit Roohome to find everything that you need about home design, decor and much more.