TV Mirror: Fad or Not


Imagine coming home to a well-organized and designed living room, with its wide and comfortable couch, that mood lighting and airy billowing curtains and that soft carpet under your feet, then you look for the remote control and turn your TV on, except in this case there is no TV. Truth or fiction? What living room would be without a TV set, you frantically look around you and where the TV used to stay was a large mirror, you call your wife and demand where she placed the TV, and she silently picks up the remote and points to the mirror and just like magic it turned into a TV! And you wonder, have you just been pranked?

Well of course, anyone would probably feel the same way, who would have thought that it would be possible to have a TV inside a mirror, considering that mirrors are thin and a TV is not and it has to have all of its circuits for it to work. A TV mirror is probably one of the most fascinating inventions of the present technologically advanced era. Yes, it is a TV mirror, a mirror that could turn into a TV at the click of a remote, and could be a normal mirror when the TV is not being used. The principles behind the invention is actually very simple and ingenious. A TV set is placed under a semi-transparent mirror and when it is not in use, the mirror will reflect the images projected to it just like any other mirror, and when the TV is turned on, it will reflect the images that are being projected in the TV screen. Nothing magical about this, just plain boring physics. Holograms are much even difficult to do rather than a TV mirror. But how come that the TV mirror is becoming the popular choice for buying TV sets at present.

There is that fascination with the dramatic change of the mirror to a TV that it is nothing short of being magical, and most people now want one. TV mirrors are actually pricier than the regular TVs but just like any other new product in the market, it is surely becoming a trend. A TV mirror offers the homeowner two important benefits, it will work with any house décor or theme since mirrors have really been used traditionally as accent pieces in interior design. And it will still be used as a source of entertainment without having to make a new room for it. More people are actually advocating smaller living spaces especially if you live alone, so instead of having a separate entertainment room, you can have the TV in your family living room and no one would even notice it is there. Also, it is custom-made at present, so you could actually provide the measurement of the spot you want it installed in to the manufacturers and they would be happy to make it for you. In most homes and hotels, TV mirrors are placed not just in the living room, but also in the kitchen and the comfort rooms. Imagine taking a bubble bath and not having to miss watching an episode of your favorite show.

TV mirrors also come in two ways, it can be a complete package with present sizes and dimensions and all you need to do is have it installed, or you can ask the manufacturer to customize it for you. Either way, it will be a great conversation piece and a welcomed addition to your interior design or look. A TV can actually distract from the design that the homeowner would want to have, and having a TV mirror would solve all of those issues. On the other hand, TV mirrors could also have its disadvantages in that sometimes the TV would not have the same clarity and richness of color of a traditional TV. Placing the TV under a semi-transparent mirror actually lessens its brightness by 50 percent and hence the image that you may see reflected in the mirror will not be high definition and at times darker and distorted. Although many companies now sell TV mirrors, the big players are yet to roll out theirs. So it is safe to assume that most TV mirrors currently in the market is not that high-quality and will probably take years to perfect.

If you are planning to get a TV mirror in the very near future, there are a number of things to consider. First is of course, do you really need it, it is a bit expensive and would you be willing to make an investment in something that is still yet to be improved. Do you have a separate entertainment room and will you still be using it even with a new TV mirror, will you be doing a renovation soon and would have use for the TV mirror. Second is of course the quality of the TV mirror, will you be able to enjoy watching TV with a lesser quality than your old TV, will you probably buy a more advanced one if it came to the market in the next year or so? And lastly will it fit your space and over-all design of the house, or will it just stick out like a sore thumb? One also has to think about the mirror itself, will it need to be framed, gilded or will it be set in a place where people can actually use the mirror or more like an accent piece?

Getting a new TV mirror is an investment in itself as it is not cheap, but one has to think about whether it is something they really want or need. However, if the trend of the market of TV mirrors has anything to say about it, it is clear that the TV mirror is a fad, and it is not going away anytime soon. TV mirrors can be fascinating and one can always tell the story of the disappearing TV and just like the TV, this new innovation is here to stay.