10 ideas to create a sanctuary bedroom


The bedroom is the most important part of our home and it’s hard to sleep in some other room and get the same level of vibes. Now the question comes, what style of bedroom do you want? So what can be better than the peaceful and modern sanctuary bedroom? It is a perfect combination of subtle colours, elegant furniture arrangement, perfect lighting and more. So it’s not wrong to say that sanctuary bedroom is the basic of such house interior design. Here are 10 ideas to create a sanctuary bedroom and make your sleeping place stress-free.

  1. Never ignore the lighting: Lighting will make a big difference and highlight the overall home décor and furniture. To create the sanctuary look, get the floor lights and table lamps with dimmer tone for a better look. The warm tones will make your home cosy and perfect.
  2. Scented Candles or lamps: Good smell is the mantra of a peaceful home. It makes the whole room stress-free and contribute to your health. So always keep a relaxing scent in your bedroom as it will help you to calm down and have a soothing sleep.
  3. Add Plush: Rather than going for thick and hard fabrics, get the embracing plush in your bedroom. It will make your bedding super soft and help you get the cosy vibes. It will be great to feel protected and comfortable at the end of the day. You can choose the same for bed, pillows, throw blanket.
  4. Soft Carpet: The carpet makes your bedroom complete and adds comfort and warm vibes. Also, it will help you stay warm and add aesthetical vibes to your bedroom. You should choose the warm colour mat and let it merge with the sanctuary style.
  5. Get some plants: Plants add the colours and positive vibes to any part of your home. You can add the same in your bedroom and increase the satisfying vibes. Also, you can organize it in the way you want to and fall in love with its freshness.
  6. Window Treatment: Never ignore the windows while opting the sanctuary theme. They will block the unwanted light and provide privacy. Also, they will look amazing in your home. Get the mini blinds or warm curtains with the two-layered look and enjoy its calming vibes.
  7. Never forget to keep it organized: Whenever you are opting the sanctuary bedroom design, try to keep it organized. It will help you to keep everything under control without disturbing your sleep. So throw all the unwanted stuff and let your bedroom look as fresh as new.
  8. Get the Feng Shui products: Feng Shui products can help in adding positivity to your bedroom. If you are born in the year of the rat, it is best to opt for decoration that jives with your Chinese Zodiac. So while decorating your bedroom in the sanctuary way, don’t forget this element.
  9. Opt the neutral tones: For the perfect Sanctuary bedroom, follow the neutral colour palette. It will be calming and you can never go wrong with it. Go for the dark tones but not overdo it. And if you are a fan of the colours, then do it through pillows, throws and mattress.
  10. Headboard: Headboard will give the special vibes to the room and keep you indulge with the style of the bedroom. You can either add the headboard to your bed or buy modular furniture online with the same element. But don’t forget to get it in the soothing style.

Sanctuary Bedrooms are calm and stress-free, and you should get the same vibes from yours.