5 Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Carpet Clean Like The Professionals


Carpets are something everyone has to deal with at some point during their day to day cleaning routine. It’s not something most people spend a lot of time thinking about, beyond the occasional emergency like a spill or tear. Your carpets take a lot of abuse during the day but it’s easy to neglect them because they’re just always there.

The good news is there are some things you can do to keep your carpet as pristine and clean as the pros would. These tips are universal. Carpet cleaning in Lakewood, Colorado is the same as it’s going to be in Duluth, Minnesota. Because most of these tips are easy to do and require very little extra effort you’ll be able to make some small changes to see big results.

Neglecting your carpet for too long can cause built up dirt, matted fibers, and carpet that has to be replaced sooner than it really should have. No one wants to deal with any of those things. It’s best to prevent them by keeping your carpets as clean as possible. Here are five tips and tricks the pros suggest to keep your carpet as clean as possible.

  • Keep Dirty Shoes Off The Carpet

Image by Carissa Rogers from Pixabay

Have you ever noticed when professional cleaners or contractors come to your home they usually cover their shoes in protective shoe covers? This is so they don’t inadvertently track anything onto your carpets. They know the easiest way to clean a carpet is to make sure it stays as clean as it can from the get-go.

You can adopt this practice in your home too, with a little modification. Instead of covering your shoes, put a shoe rack or cute bin next to your front door. Make sure everyone takes off their shoes when they come into the house. You can even keep some spare cute slippers by the door for guests to use if they feel more comfortable having something on their feet.

The point of this tip is just to make sure no one is bringing in mud, grass, gum, or anything worse to get stuck and ground into your carpet. It’s a small change that will have a surprisingly huge impact. Give it a try and you most likely won’t ever want to go back to the old ways.

  • Use Area Rugs Or Carpet Runners

Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

It’s up to you and your design preferences but either option will help protect the carpets installed in your home. When it comes to cleaning area rugs are easy to lift and flip over to get stains out quickly and thoroughly. If you need to air out a musty smell they’re easy to hang outside for a little while. In short, these options are easier to clean.

Being easier to clean isn’t the only way they protect your carpets from wear and tear. Instead of your installed carpeting (which is much more expensive to replace) taking on the heavy foot traffic every day, your area rugs or runners will take most of the abuse. When you need to replace those they’re must more cost friendly.

Think of area rugs or carpet runners as a way to extend your unique personal design a little more in your home, while ensuring your carpets also have an extra layer of protection. The bonus is when you need a new one, it’s time for some fun shopping again.

  • Make An Emergency Spill Kit

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

If you put things you’ll need to handle spills in a handy cady before you actually need them, you’ll be ready when the time comes. When a spill happens acting quickly can mean the difference between a set in stain, or a stain entirely prevented.

Most of the cleaning items you can put in your spill kit are things you can find around the house. Club soda, baking soda, vinegar, soft towels to use for blotting (not scrubbing) up liquids, and even some salt can all be kept at the ready.

Club soda is an old tried and true method of getting out stains on fresh spills. Soak the spill with the club soda and then dab it up working from the outside in. If you discover you have a stain that is set in you can mix a little vinegar and baking soda directly on the stain. Let the solution bubble and work the set in stain loose. Dab up the leftover liquid and repeat as needed.

But what about the salt? It’s what you can use when someone breaks the new “no shoes in the house” rules and accidentally tracks in mud. Salt can be used to dry up any wet mud and help it clump together for a more stress-free clean up. Let the salt sit for 20 or 30 minutes and then vacuum it up. If it didn’t work, move on to the baking soda and vinegar if you need to.

  • Refresh Your Carpets Naturally

Image by IMS68 from Pixabay

Baking soda can be used for this trick too. (It’s not just a one trick wonder when it comes to cleaning your home. Baking soda is a real lifesaver.) You can sprinkle baking soda over your carpets to brighten and freshen them up. If you want to add some extra scent you can mix the baking soda with some of your favorite essential oil scents like lavender or lemon perhaps.

This doesn’t have to be something you measure out to a precise mixture. You can eyeball how much baking soda you want to use depending on the size of the room you’re working in, and the scents can be adjusted based on personal preference. Once you’ve allowed the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes you can vacuum it up. Your carpets should look brighter and smell great.

  • You’re Still Going To Need A Deep Clean Schedule

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Even with regular care and the tips you’ve learned here, you’re still going to have to deep clean your carpets about every 2-3 months. No one really looks forward to this, and it does take extra time, but it also means your carpets remain in great condition and last as long as possible.

You can use your own steam cleaner, or find one to rent at a local grocery or hardware store. You can also find solutions for both options at the store, and they come in several varieties. Use the solution you think will be best for your home, and then go ahead and get to the actual work at hand.

Even though you’re spending a little more time and effort right at that moment, it does mean you won’t have to revisit this task for at least another 2 months. It also means your carpets will have a brand new lease on life, looking refreshed and extra clean. You’ll feel good about the work you did even if you dreaded doing it.


Keeping your carpets clean doesn’t have to be a full-time job’s worth of effort. As you can see there are simple changes you can make to see a huge difference in how your carpets look and feel. Eventually, you’ll want to invest in a professional cleaning, but with these tips, you can extend the time between professional cleanings quite a bit sometimes.

Use the tips that work for you and make them part of your new routine at home. Things like taking off your shoes might take a day or two to get used to but you’ll be glad you made the changes. After you’ve proudly looked over your pristine carpets, take a little rest. You’ve definitely earned it.