What is Special from Scandinavian Design? Here are The Explanations


Roohome.com – Want to have a home interior with a bright, simple, sweet, and soothing look? That is all you will get at once in Scandinavian design. The Scandinavian design itself is quite popular than other designs. With a bright impression created by this design, the interior will feel warm and soothing. In addition, Scandinavian design is often used as an alternative to making small dwellings to feel more spacious so that small dwellings become a comfortable place to live.

Sometimes, some people just don’t understand why the Scandinavian style is so booming. Each design does have its own advantages, including Scandinavian designs. So, do you want to know What is Special from Scandinavian Design? Here are The Explanations

Soothing Display of The Room

Who doesn’t want a comfortable home? As the main place to rest and unwind, everyone certainly wants a comfortable home. There are many ways to make your home feel so comfortable and become the right place to relax, one of which is to bring a nuance that is inclined into the house.

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas
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Scandinavian design has become an alternative to bring a soothing feel into your home. And here are the explanation is why Scandinavian is one of the designs that can bring peace into the house.

  • White as The Base Color of The Room

beautiful white scandinavian living room design
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When decorating the interior of a house, of course, determining the basic color of a room is very important. With this, we can display or show the design that we want.

In Scandinavian design, white is often used as the basic color of a room. By applying white on the entire wall of the room, a bright and clean display will be seen clearly. In addition, the room will feel more spacious and much more soothing.

  • Prefer The Use of Natural Light

comfortable scandinavian bedroom design
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Bright appearance has become one of the characteristics of Scandinavian design. In making the house look bright, white is not the only way Scandinavian design is used. Scandinavian design also prioritizes using natural lighting to illuminate home interiors.

So, do not be surprised if Scandinavian-style houses have many windows and prefer to use large windows. In addition, in Scandinavian design, usually the window will not be given any decoration so that sunlight can enter the house freely. To provide a beautiful appearance, a white net curtain becomes the right decoration.

The Use of Neutral Colors That Make Scandinavian Design Look Sweet

To make the room look less rigid and more attractive, of course it is not recommended to use just one color. Add two to three colors into one room to give a more interesting effect.

In Scandinavian design, white is the basic color of this room. However, white is not the only color used in this design.

Scandinavian interior design
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Besides a bright soothing look, the Scandinavian design also looks sweet because this design uses pretty neutral colors. The combination of these colors will make the interior look so sweet and soft. This is also one of the reasons why Scandinavian become a suitable design in making the interior feel cozy.

Here are the colors that Scandinavian design use to sweeten the look of the room.

  • White

soft scandinavian look
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As already explained that white is the basic color of Scandinavian-style rooms. White itself is a neutral color that will match when combined with any color.

The white color will also look brighter and more lively when exposed to natural lighting, where natural lighting is the lighting used in Scandinavian designs. This is what makes Scandinavian design a popular design among many people.

  • Beige

Beige in Scandinavian Design
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The use of white can indeed create a bright and broad appearance. However, if you only apply white, the interior will look stiff and uncomfortable. And in Scandinavian design, the display will look a little soft with a beige color. The combination of white and beige looks so harmonious and makes Scandinavian-style interiors look so sweet.

The Scandinavian beige color usually comes in the form of furniture or room decoration, such as tables, chairs, flower vases, pillowcases, photos frame, and so on. The beige color also looks very clear with the wooden floor which is a characteristic of Scandinavian style.

  • Grey

beautiful scandinavian bedroom
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If we look more clearly, the cool nuance is present in Scandinavian design. This is indeed true. The use of gray color brings a cool feel that makes the Scandinavian design look mature. The combination of white and gray does look so compact in making a Scandinavian-style room look sweet and cool.

Usually, the gray color will be present in the form of fabric. In the living room, gray is applied to the sofa, pillowcases, and rug. And for the bedroom, the gray color itself comes in the form of bed sheets, duvet covers, pillows, and rugs.

  • Black

scandinavian dining room design
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Although the appearance of the Scandinavian design looks soft and bright, the appearance of this design also looks a bit striking. This is precisely what makes this design show interesting results but still simple and bright.

The next color used in the Scandinavian design to make a bright appearance look more striking is black. The black color itself is present in several spots in the room, such as; wall displays in the form of photos frames, paintings, etc.; pendant lamp; rack; dining bench; and so on.

Warm Nuance That is So Comfortable

Furthermore, what is special about Scandinavian design is a warm feeling that is so comfortable. Wood is an element that is usually used in this design. The wood used is also wood with bright color and smooth texture so that the presence of wood will not affect the bright appearance of this design.

simple scandinavian bedroom decor
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Bright wood colors can be an alternative to sweeten the appearance of a white interior so the room will not look stiff. White and bright wood colors look so harmonious. The feel of nature seems to come into the room and bring warmth so as to make the room so comfortable.

Simple Beautiful Room Appearance

Decoration has indeed become an alternative in making the room look more attractive. Likewise with Scandinavian-style room. The use of white as the base color of the room requires Scandinavian designs to use some room decoration. This is intended so that the room does not look stiff.

simple scandinavian bedroom design
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And for Scandinavian design, the decoration used is not so crowded. The colors used in Scandinavian-style rooms are neutral colors. In addition, the Scandinavian design uses simple decoration. The meaning of simple here is not a lot of motifs. Like the use of pillowcases to decorate the sofa in the living room. Pillowcases in the Scandinavian-style living room will look plain (without motif). Or if you want to give a bit of a lively look into the living room, the selection of striped motifs is the only motif that can be used.

Besides the use of simple decorations, the Scandinavian design also uses furniture that is only used. This will make the room look more simple but still attractive and comfortable.

Cozy Room with Fresh Appearance

To make the room feel more alive, not infrequently people add plants as room decoration. In addition to making the room look beautiful, plants themselves have a very important function to the air in the room itself.

And in Scandinavian-style room, choosing plants as room decoration is the most appropriate choice. Bright and sweet appearance in the Scandinavian-style room when given a touch of green will create a fresh and comfortable room.

Beautiful Small Scandinavian Kitchen Dining Room Design
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There are two plants that can be used as room decorations:

  • Living Plants
  • Synthetic plants

The use of living plants themselves will indeed make the air inside the house feel fresher and healthier. However, for treatment, living plants need extra care, such as taking it outside the house to be doused with water, placing the plant in a place exposed to sunlight, keeping the room temperature to remain stable, etc. However, there are also some plants that can indeed live indoors and of course this can be the best choice for decorating the room.

And for synthetic plants, it is far more practical than the use of living plants. You only need to clean the synthetic plants so that there is no accumulation of dust that will make the air in the room becomes unhealthy.