10 Best Practices to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Refrigerator


The refrigerator is the only one home appliance that works 24/7 throughout the year and consumes more electricity compared to other appliances.

Most people they do not bother saving energy that is consumed by their refrigerator. However, being a responsible person you should know how to make optimum use of your refrigerator and save more energy.

This refrigerator guide will help you to implement all the best practices that can save more energy.

Energy Saved, Energy Created.

Read User Manual before Use

Sounds boring isn’t, actually most of don’t do that because we think it’s easy and anyone can do it.

But the fact is that there are many such vital information which are available on user manual being ignored and never usage those features.

Reading user manual not only help to understand the product but also guide you how to make optimal use of it.

In addition, you will know which the warranty details. Sometime what happens, company says the refrigerator warranty period is 10 years but actually as per their user manual, they only support refrigerator compressors not even internal components.

Therefore, you should well aware of this before approaching their service support.

Temperature Settings

Most of the low and mid-range refrigerators come with manual temperature settings nub. Using which you can manage the temperature settings inside the refrigerator.

Ideally, the refrigerator temperature settings should be in the range of 2.5 and 4.5 degrees centigrade.

Normally freezer chamber temperature should be set to the range of 15 to 17.5 degrees centigrade.

Again, it depends upon the refrigerator models, to know more details about the ideal temperature settings of your refrigerator, read user manual that comes with the refrigerator.

Even you can call customer care and talk to their technical specialist to know more about the refrigerator settings.

Minimize Door Opening Frequency

Refrigerator door opening frequency effects the cooling inside the refrigerator.

When you open the refrigerator door and keep it open for long time or very frequently you opens it, that allow the hot air to come inside the refrigerator and cool air gets out.

That put additional stress on refrigerator compressor to re-generate the cool air inside the refrigerator to maintain the temperature.

Lock the refrigerator door if kids are playing with it.

Store Foods When Its Temperature is Normal

Do not keep hot foods inside the refrigerator because that emits lots of hot air inside the refrigerator and impacts inside temperature.

To compensate and maintain the inside temperature your refrigerator need to work extra.

Before storing it, allow the foods to be cool down that not only helps to save energy but also keep your food healthy for longer time.

Filled Refrigerator Better Than Empty

Always ensure the refrigerator is filled because it retain better cooling than the empty of partially filled.

Never try to overload it, which may affect the cooling air circulation.

Good cooling air circulation helps food healthy for long time.

Use Energy Saving Switch

Normally most of the refrigerator comes with power saving switch, using of which it puts the refrigerator into optimum mode to consume very less energy

In smart refrigerators, it automatically enters into energy saving mode depending upon the usage. So no manual intervention required.

Refrigerator Gaskets Check

Have you noticed the rubber tubes surrounded around the refrigerator door is known as gaskets?

Gaskets not only keep the door tight but also prevents exchange of air.

How to know if the gasket is in good condition?

Close the refrigerator door tightly on a plan paper and try to remove it. If it comes out, then its time to replace it.

Defrost Regularly

If your refrigerator have manual defrost, then always ensure to defrost at regular intervals. It not only normalize but also reduces the accumulation of ice but also improve refrigerator performance.

Buy Energy Efficiency Refrigerator 

BEF makes mandatory to have energy star ratings levels on every refrigerator appliance.

Five Star Energy Efficiency Level Refrigerator consumes less energy compared to 1 Star.

If you have budget always go for ecofriendly 5 star energy efficiency refrigerators.

Lock Refrigerator

If you have kids, its good practice to lock the refrigerator doors.

Most of the kids have weakness towards tasty and delicious foods or chocolates, which are kept, inside the refrigerator.

Keeping the refrigerator door locked prevent them to open it frequently.

Implementing these small suggestions can bring your electricity bill down and save some money.

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