5 Kid-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas


Spending plenty of time in the sunshine and fresh air is essential for a child’s healthy development. We find ourselves in the technological age, when luring the youth outdoors is slightly more challenging than it used to be. Transform your backyard into a haven your kids will love with some of the following landscape design ideas:

Keep It Natural

A large expanse of grass can prove irresistible to a small child with plenty of energy. Keeping large parts of your backyard unpaved and well-vegetated will not only open up the area and provide space to play but can also stimulate your child’s active imagination. Large-leafed plants and an overhead canopy of trees can serve as a treacherous jungle to explore, for example. Sprawling lawns also provide the perfect spot to play ball games that threaten breakables inside the home.

Keep Your Kids in View

Supervising your children while they play outdoors is important to your peace of mind. However, you should be able to enjoy your Saturday afternoon while you do so. Arrange a comfortable set of furniture so that it faces the areas where your children will be likely to play. This is where the organization of your backyard is crucial as you should ideally be able to see them at all times without moving from a central, comfortable area. Getting help from professional landscaping companies in the design and construction of your backyard will make it easier to achieve this level of organization.

Plenty of Water

Bodies of water can provide endless hours of fun, especially in summer. A large, curved pool never fails to entice the kids on a summer’s day. Deck your pool out with accessories like a waterfall in which they can play, a safe slide, and a portable net for volleyball-like games. More natural bodies of water, like streams and ponds, can appeal to your child’s adventurous side. Ensure that you take all the necessary safety precautions wherever water is involved. Depending on the age of your child, you may need to keep it out of reach whenever you aren’t there to supervise them closely.

Create Learning Opportunities

Raising a child to value kindness and eco-consciousness is a full-time job. By including plenty of greenery in your backyard, you can teach your children the value of preserving the natural environment. Setting up a small vegetable garden can show them the value of sustainable, healthy living and provide a fun bonding opportunity. Plenty of water and greenery is bound to attract birds and other small wildlife, and in effect expose your children to animals so that they may learn an appreciation for them.

Include Fun Accessories

Take the time to identify which fun accessories your kids would enjoy most. Options include a tree house, plenty of portable camping equipment, and a safe climbing wall. Large chalkboards can encourage artistic children and keep them busy for hours. Zip lines and play structures of various kinds can be set up to keep your kids happy and active without having to seek out nearby parks and other fun facilities.