How Does Water Leak Detection Work?


One of the most common household problems is water leak. Broken pipes under your house can usually cause building damages and could cost you a lot of money to repair.

So if you’re ever wondering how to determine water leaks at your home, you’ve come to the right page. In this article, we’ll explain how water leak gets detected using water leak detection systems.

Water leaks can be caused by different sources from bursting pipes to leaking dishwashers.

There are two general types of water leaks such as open leaks and hidden leaks. Open leaks are easy to identify because you can see water dripping out from the source, while hidden leaks are the complete opposite — it is difficult to identify the source of until you notice discoloration on your wall or mold build-up, there are also times when your ceiling starts showing patch that grows bigger.

Water leak detection works to help you identify the source of the problem and ask for help as needed. However, only professional water leak detection companies are equipped with the right technology to identify the most hidden leaks.

Non-invasive water leak detection methods are also done using the smartest technologies without the need to dig and examine pipes.

Here are some of the most common non-invasive water leak detection methods:

1. Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras can see or check underground water pipes which include those that are behind concrete walls. These non-invasive cameras aid professionals or engineers to determine the variations in the surface temperatures and these tools are considered the most reliable form on non-invasive water leak detection.

2. Acoustic water leak detection

Professional water leak detection florida companies use a special acoustic device built with ultra-sensitive microphones to listen for leak sounds along your home’s pipework. Thanks to the modern technology of today, these microphones are capable of picking the smallest sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. These microphones also come with software that pinpoints sounds made by water leaks.

3. Water leak correlator detector

This water leak detection method is excellent for large-scale use such as farms, fields, or industrial complexes. What the professionals do is place the sensors on both ends of the pipe with a suspected leak in it. Sounds would be transmitted in the form of radio signals which are analyzed using mathematical algorithms to determine the exact location of the leak. If you own a farm and have an extensive network of pipes that extend to about 600 meters, then this detector method is the most reliable to use.

What are the advantages of non-invasive water leak detection methods?

– Non-invasive water leak detection methods have the accuracy rates of 99% — high accuracy means identifying the problem source faster and efficiently.

– This saves you time because modern technology is being used. It’ll be a lot faster to detect water leaks that help you prevent severe damages to your home. Professional water leak detection companies take less than an hour to identify the problem source.

– You won’t have to deal with physical or structural damages to your home because there’s no need to dismantle the entire pipe work just to find the leak.

These non-invasive, modern water leak detection methods help professionals determine the exact leak without spending too much as they won’t leave your home damaged and would let you take action immediately to prevent further water damage.