Options for Partitions for Zoning The Space in The Room


There are many reasons for dividing the living space. Often you need to separate a place to sleep in a one-room apartment. Besides, sometimes in a large living room, you need to arrange for each person their own relaxation area or work area. You just need to divide the room into two zones. Zoning a room with acoustic partitions create a special lightweight room design without heavy clutter.

Importance of partition

Aesthetics, dynamics and practicality – this is the motto under which the transformation of the premises takes place. If you decide to divide the room into nursery and adult areas, the partition is an excellent solution. In this case, children can play calmly or do their homework. If there are two children, each of them will need their own space. Using partitions, one room can be divided into two. When an adult and a child of different genders live in the same room, it becomes necessary to make partitions for zoning the space of the room.

Isolated rooms

With the help of partitions, you can add value to your living space. A partition made of drywall for zoning a room has a radical function, it can completely replace a brick wall if you are not very worried about sound insulation. Such a partition can be installed on a metal frame, glued with wallpaper, painted and hang a picture. It is worth noting that, if necessary, removing such a wall is quite easy. For a permanent wall, it is better to use various blocks and bricks, which are laid on the mortar, but in this case, you can obtain complete rooms.

When there is no possibility or desire to do something solid, portable constructions will come to the rescue. They can consist of several sections fastened together. They are easy to carry, move and disassemble. Sliding doors, as a partition, successfully separate the kitchen or bar from the living room. In the same way, the bedroom from the office or the lounge, and the dining room from the living room.

Mobile Partition Options

Options for partitions for zoning the room are different. Such partitions are made of laminated sheets. They are functional and beautiful. They are convenient when you want to open space and create an ambience in the house.


Racks for dividing a room into zones look good in a modern interior. Open shelves, on which you can place various souvenirs and necessary things, can create lightness and do not clutter up space. You can replace the cabinet with the rack to save space.

The rack for zoning the room should not have high-height to the ceiling. A lower one separates the zones and leaves a sense of space. In the case when the room has only one window, you can separate the zone with a translucent rack equipped with lighting. This type of partition is universal, made of metal or wood, bamboo, rattan or rice paper and suitable for any style of the room. It is affordable and easy to maintain and assemble.


You can arrange the furniture in a certain way that the room looks different from a modern styling touch. Putting a sofa and a table at the side of the entrance or opposite the fireplace, TV creates a cosy atmosphere of relaxation. Division of a room into zones is possible with the help of consoles, bar counters and chests of drawers. A sofa and a table set behind it, separated places for rest and work. This option is convenient and does not require high-cash costs, and you can manage to do it any time.


An excellent option is a screen, which divides the room into zones. It is not very difficult to make it yourself, and you will need:

  • Nails;
  • Hammer;
  • Corners;
  • The cloth.

We connect the rails to each other in the form of frames, then put the material on them and fix them with small studs. After that, corners helps to fasten the panel. The screening can be done with and without legs. The selected fabric enhances the style of the room, linen, silk, cotton with various colours and suitable patterns. Such a partition is enough to separate the chair and floor lamp, getting a place for relaxation and reading books.


Curtains for dividing a room into zones have the same function. Dividing with the help of curtains saves space and creates a romantic atmosphere. You can implement the curtain idea on their own and for little money. To mount the curtains, you will need a cornice installed at the zoning site. With their help, the room is shared in whole or in part, with a touch of different zones.

In the living room, you can separate the bed with the help of a curtain. It creates the effect of fabulousness. A workspace is created in any room, and options can be temporary and permanent. There are many other options. If you prefer to change the curtains, this will enhance the look quickly and easily. A double curtain made of material of different colours on each side displays the bedroom in more delicate shades and the living room in a bright colour.

In addition to traditional curtains, you can also use:

  • Beads;
  • Wood;
  • Glass;
  • Crystal;

With their help, functional zoning is carried out without architectural elements.

Other separation options

In addition to the above, there are other types of partitions for increasing the space in the room. Using the colour of decorative plaster or painting, you can highlight the functional area. Using wallpapers of various shades and textures, you can clearly distinguish between spaces. Light or dark shades emphasize the look of the space. In the kitchen-dining room, a bright wall near the dining area will add warmth. A wall with drawings in the nursery will indicate the play area.

Is there an extra space in the room? You can put a table there, and with the help of the suitable colour of the wallpaper, you can get an office. Light plays a huge role in zoning. Spotlights, floor lamps, artificial and natural lighting avoid global redevelopment. You can combine the entire space with one chandelier, and with a directional light of a sconce. This addition literally turns a certain place on and off, and divide the room into two zones.


In a modern interior, LED strips effectively delimit space. Safety and reliability allow modern styling in a number of ways. Mirrors and backlit paintings highlight the interior and attract attention. A podium, especially with a backlight, is an excellent zoning tool. The main thing is to correlate its dimensions with the proportions of the room appropriately.

Floor coverings and carpets clearly delineate the space. However, in this case, there will be no sense of privacy. With proper zoning, you can implement the idea of ​​placing several rooms in one.