The Characteristics of Boho Style That Make It Superior to The Others

1972 – Having an attractive and unique residence is one of everyone’s dreams. As we know, the residence is the first and important place in our life. So that makes the residence as good as possible is a must. Most people will give their efforts to make their homes feel comfortable, good looking, and attractive.

There are so many ways that you can choose to make your homes look good. The basic thing you should take is to decide what kind of styles for the home interior. There are so many designs that you can choose to create the atmosphere you want is. You can make your home feel calm, fun, or artsy.

For some people, the artsy style will be better than the others. This will bring a different atmosphere into the residence. There is one style that you can choose to make your homes look artsy, which is the Boho Style. And for you who are interested with Boho style and still considering to choose it, here we have provided The Characteristics of Boho Style That Make It Superior To The Others:

  • The items are easy to get,
  • Far from fancy,
  • Gives a cheerful impression,
  • Unique look, and
  • Relating to nature and ethnicity.

To find out more clearly, so let’s check it out!

The Items are Easy to Get

The first characteristic of Boho Style that makes it superior to the others is the items are easy to get. The items used range from old items to the newest and most recent items. It is because the Boho style is very free, there are no specific rules in this style.

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Far from Fancy

This characteristic is related to the characteristic above. Items that are used in the Boho style are cheap goods. And this is what makes these items easy to obtain. There is no luxurious impression on Boho Style. In fact, you can use items that are not used such as old cabinets that are repainted and used as a seat, used jars used as displays, and much more. So, for those of you who are interested in Boho Style and want to apply it as the interior design of your home, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this.

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Gives A Cheerful Impression

As we can see from the pictures above, the Boho style uses a lot of colors. This is what can bring a cheerful atmosphere into your home. In Boho style, you can use up to 20 colors. However, for those of you who still want to give a simple impression to where you live, you can also use just one color. As explained earlier that the Boho Style is free and there are no specific rules.

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Unique Look

Besides using various colors, the other characteristic of Boho Style that makes it different from the others is to use a lot of patterns. The pattern used is also different from the patterns used by other styles, Boho style patterns have special characteristics.

Besides the pattern, the knick-knacks used by the Boho style are also very unique. But, even though it’s unique you can still find these items easily. There are various kinds of trinkets that can be used to emphasize the Boho style, one of them is a dream catcher. This item is an item that has been subscribed to be used in this style. In addition, lamps with unique shapes can also emphasize the Boho style in your home.

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Items used in the Boho style are usually fabric-based. You can use the colorful used cloth as decoration or you can also use fabric with Boho pattern which is very characteristic. Here, you can also pour your creativity so that it will create an attractive and extraordinary appearance.

Relating to Nature and Ethnicity

This is a characteristic of the Boho style that makes many people interested, which is related to nature and ethnicity. Natural lighting is really needed by this style. So, if you apply this style as the interior design of your home, your house will look bright and comfortable. However, of course, you need to use a large window, or you can also use a big glass door or double glass door.

Because the Boho style is related to nature, the role of plants is also very important here. Using many plants is a characteristic of the Boho style. Plants can also make the room feel fresh and comfortable.

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As previously explained that the Boho Style will be full of patterns. And the pattern used was not arbitrary. Usually, the Boho style uses patterns related to ethnicity. Boho style often combines several patterns from certain ethnicities and makes it look artsy and attractive.