Making a Kitchen Look Different by Applying a Rustic Design

1252 – The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that is exposed and anyone in the house can see it. Therefore, making the kitchen look good is something you must do. The first thing that must be determined is to determine the interior design that is suitable for the kitchen. Make sure the interior design is chosen according to taste.

For you who want to bring a different look and atmosphere to the kitchen, choosing Rustic Design is the right choice. Rustic design will provide a rustic look and atmosphere to the kitchen so that the kitchen becomes a comfortable and attractive place.

For those of you who are interested in Rustic Design but are still confused and not familiar with this, this article will really help you because we have prepared some tips on Making a Kitchen Look Different by Applying a Rustic Design. So, let’s check it out!

Choosing Material for the Wall

To present the design look that we choose, of course, the materials used must be related to the design. For Rustic Design, the materials used are natural materials such as bricks and wood.

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In using bricks for walls, you don’t need to polish it with anything. Just leave the bricks exposed. This will emphasize rustic nuance in the kitchen. The bricks will also make the kitchen look more attractive and different from other designs.

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At first, the rustic design was used by European communities living in the highlands. They use wood elements to make their homes feel warm. However, the use of wood in the kitchen will actually present a different look and atmosphere. In addition, the wood element is also very suitable for you who live in cold areas.

Choosing the Right Furniture

The furniture is certainly very necessary to fill the kitchen. In choosing furniture, use furniture made from wood. Such as wooden cabinet, wooden shelf, and so on. Besides wood, another material used in the Rustic design is iron. Using iron items such as iron hanging lamps and other iron items can make the kitchen look more attractive. Moreover, this can also give a little industrial appearance to the kitchen.

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Pots and pans hanging over kitchen island. Love brick ceiling.

Use The Right Light

Light is certainly something that must be present in every room, including the kitchen. As has been understood above that it can be concluded that the Rustic style presents a warm atmosphere that makes this style feel comfortable and attractive. So, the light used is the warm light.

Lamp warm light will make the rustic look thick, besides that the combination of warm light and wood is very fitting and will make the kitchen look beautiful and comfortable. This is what distinguishes Rustic style from other styles.

Kitchen in a log home that looks strangely  similar to the kitchen in the film 'Practical Magic'. ;)

Present Several Windows

Rustic style is very thick with the countryside and nature, so in the use of light, this style uses natural light. Presenting a window in the kitchen is very important to do in making a Rustic style kitchen. The use of wood and brick can make the kitchen look dark, therefore it is important to bring light to the kitchen.

Beautiful French Normandy-inspired farmhouse in rural Connecticut

If there are only a few windows in the kitchen so that it is not enough to make the kitchen bright, you can use the glass door that leads to the garden.

This Italianate home in Laguna Beach, California boasts a kitchen inspired by villas along the Amalfi coast.  (photo by Grey Crawford)

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