Luxurious Bedroom Decoration Like in Starred Hotels

701 – The house is the main purpose of resting after various tiring activities outside. It would be nice to rest in a comfortable and beautiful place. This is the reason why people give their efforts to make their house as comfortable as possible.

The room is the most important place in the house. Making your room a comfortable place is a must for you to do. This is because the room is a place to rest and relieve stress during the day. To make the room the right place to rest, making the room look luxurious is the right choice.

One of the reasons why many people choose star hotels is because they want to spoil themselves and rest and enjoy the atmosphere of a luxurious hotel room. However, you do not need to go to a five-star hotel that costs a lot of money. You can make your own luxurious bedroom like rooms in a star hotel. And here, we have provided Luxurious Bedroom Decoration Like in Starred Hotels. So, let’s check it out!

Luxurious Bedroom with White and Silver Combination

In decorating the room, it should be noted what color will make the room look luxurious. The combination of white and silver is the right combination. White color makes the room look bigger, luxurious and clean. The addition of silver decoration will bring the impression of crystal so that the rooms will look like starred hotel rooms.

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Using Several Gold-Colored Items in Room Decoration

In addition to silver, the color that can make a room look luxurious is the existence of a few extra gold-colored items, such as gold-colored lamps, gold bedside edges, gold-colored bench edges, and so on.

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Luxurious Bedroom Decoration with Window Treatment

Window treatment is a room decoration that can make the room look like in star-rated hotels. Using curtains that are large and thick is highly recommended. Ceiling to floor curtain will give a luxurious impression to the room. This decoration still makes the room look simple, so it is suitable for those who want to make the rooms luxurious but still look simple.

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In order for the room to look luxurious and attractive to look at, the color selection for the curtains must match the colors used in the interior design of the room.

Lighting that Adds a Luxurious Look to the Bedroom

Lighting is very important for use in rooms, including the bedroom. The selection of light can also affect the look of the bedroom. Warm light is the right lighting for the room to look luxurious and comfortable. Warm light will also make you relax when resting in the bedroom.

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It would be great if you add a crystal chandelier into the bedroom. Put it in the middle of the room can make a simple bedroom look so luxurious. Some star hotels apply this decoration to make the simple decoration of their rooms look luxurious.

Luxury Room Decoration with Television

Almost everyone makes their room a place to relax. It would be nice to relax in a luxurious and comfortable room while watching a favorite movie. A luxurious bedroom with a television can be your reference for decorating the room.

This sensational modern bedroom features simple clean lines with complementary charcoals and blacks that contrast brilliantly with the lighter whites and creams.  A stunning gray brick wall houses a long, rectangular fireplace, while a flat screen TV is wall mounted and positioned for easy viewing.  Large picture windows allow a glimpse into the clean and minimalist outdoor patio.

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