Plan Your Home Décor with Crystals Mind


Your home becomes sweeter when you can fill it with positive energy and what better way of doing it than seeking help from geode decorator Michal for crystal, geode, rock, and mineral decor accents that light up the home interior. Crystals and geodes are sources of positive energy, and having some decorative pieces in your home will make it an excellent place to relax, recharge and re-group with the family members and spend some happy times with them.  There is hardly any better satisfaction than what you derive by converting your home interior into a rejuvenating and healing space by using geode and crystals that have become a trendsetter in home décor.

Crystals as energizers

If you are still not convinced about the energizing powers emanated from crystals, then you should know about the piezoelectric effect generated from it. In simple words, it means that crystals have the power to change the form of energy that it experiences around it. Quartz is a crystal used in watches that converts the battery generated electricity into mechanical energy that moves the hands of the watch.

The beauty of crystals is so obvious that we often do not discuss it, but it is another big reason for the stones to find so much favor with interior decorators. Crystals, geodes, and rocks look simply splendid when crafted artistically and used intelligently to enhance home aesthetics.

Get going with crystals

Crystals that you buy from the market might be clean and pre-charged, but except for the looks that tell about its cleanliness, it is not possible to make out if it is charged. An easier way is to hold the crystals under tap water and wipe it clean with a fresh towel to ensure that it is completely clean. Leaving them on the balcony on a moonlit night so that the moonlight kisses the shining crystals will ensure that the charging is complete. Leaving it on the window will also help provide the moonlight falls on it.

Besides the natural method of charging under the moonlight, on dark nights when the moon goes for a sojourn, you can use a selenite charging plate for charging your new crystals. Selenite is a crystal too that remains always charged and charges other crystals around it. Leaving the selenite plate on your bedside table will induce sleep, and it is an added benefit for those who suffer from sleep disorders.

Crystal placement

The general rule for crystal placement is to place it at someplace where you are likely to make maximum use of the energy radiated from it. Knowing about the benefits derived from the specific type of crystal will help to decide where to place it. Aventurine and Citrine are well-known for their association with prosperity, and keeping these stones at the place where you work would make enough sense.  Rose quartz that has a close relation to love would be a befitting choice or the bedroom.

Depending on your decorating needs, you can place the crystals on shelves, tables, mantles, etc.