What Kind of Fence Should You Use?


Fences, whether on the back or the front yard, provide several benefits, in addition to curb appeal, and the biggest of them all is that the fence is the first line of defense and security for your home. It, therefore, goes without saying that you need to invest in the best quality fence for your home, which means choosing the type of fence with extra care. At the center of all this is the material used to create the fence – for the fence to offer the security you need, add a level of privacy, decorate your backyard, or define the property lines, the material of fencing is crucial. The material chosen also depends on your style, and it will also affect the durability of the fence. So, even if the slope of the yard forces you to choose between parallel and step fencing, the kind of fence you settle on, pretty much depends on the fencing material.

That said, which are some of your options?

Wood Fencing

Nothing beats that classic look from wooden fencing, which is why wood fencing is on top of the list of popular fencing types in America. And you cannot blame homeowners. Wood fences are beautiful, they are attractive, provide a great sense of security given their height, not to mention the warm, welcoming feeling attached to wooden fences – and the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank for wood fencing. While the prices might be higher depending on the size and the height of the fence, especially if you need more lumber, these fences are generally reasonably priced. But this fence comes with its downsides too, including the higher cost of installation should you need more lumber and the fact that installation might take longer to install than planned. So, unless you are installing a small fence, you should be ready for a high price tag.

Even then, wood fences easily last a lifetime – if well taken care of, the wood fence will easily last as long as your home. So, like the hardwood floors, choose the right/ best type of wood for longevity.

Generally, a wooden fence will be 6ft tall, to block your yard’s view from the street/ neighbors. But before you install a fence, check the zoning regulations for the maximum allowable height. Also, remember that the wide-gapped, shorter picket fences are cute, but they don’t offer much in terms of privacy. The same applies to the split rail wooden fences.

Aluminum Fencing

If you are looking for a low-maintenance fencing option, choose aluminum fences. Even though an aluminum fence will not offer much in terms of security, its maintenance is affordable, it’s largely maintenance-free, and you can paint over the aluminum pieces for redecoration. While aluminum is not as strong as you’d like, it gets the job done. Search for the best aluminum fence companies near me for professional installation.

Wrought Iron

For fencing that provides the highest level of security, wrought iron fencing might be an excellent option for you. This fencing type is characterized by funky designs at the top of the fence, and these fences are generally beautiful, very strong, and the best bit is that they don’t need regular upkeep. However, for wrought iron to maintain its beauty for years, the fence needs to be sanded and repainted every 2 or 3 years. There’s also the fact that you will pay a lot more for the strength of wrought iron because the wrought iron fences are customized, hence significantly expensive. Security is also an issue because of the wide gaps.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing represents the most affordable fencing option, and it works well in keeping pets and children in the yard. It’s also an excellent deterrent if you wish to keep out unwanted people from the yard. Unfortunately, chain link fences are too short for a higher level of security/ privacy. To enhance security with this fence, you might have to add privacy slats or grow vines.