Beautiful Kitchen Dining Room Ideas

1808 – A simple, practical, and comfortable place to stay is being targeted by many people. This is what supports the realization of a minimalist home. The rooms in this house are of course limited. To optimize it, combining two room functions into one is the right way.

Combining the kitchen and dining room into one room makes a minimalist home more practical. This method also saves more energy both when decorating and cleaning.

In applying the kitchen dining room to the minimalize house, of course you need some ideas to avoid the mistakes. And here, we have provided Beautiful Kitchen Dining Room Ideas you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Small Table Bar Idea

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Round bar tables and attractive bar stools add a beautiful impression to the kitchen. The matching colors make the dining room and kitchen look so unified.

The additional chandelier above the bar table and benches provide an attractive appearance in the kitchen dining room. Utilizing the wall as a medium for decorating the kitchen is right. The addition of a floating shelf keeps things in the kitchen from being scrubbed. In this way, the kitchen will look more tidy and beautiful.

Kitchen Dining Room Design Ideas

The use of wood decoration gives a sweet look to this kitchen dining room. The presence of carpet in the middle of the room gives the illusion that the small room does not feel and looks cramped.

The presence of wood and brick in the kitchen dining room gives a natural impression where these elements make the room look beautiful and more attractive. The warm light from the hanging lamp adds a warm atmosphere to this room.

The Use of Corner The Kitchen Dining Room Idea

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In optimizing the function of kitchen dining room ideas, make sure that every corner of the room is well filled. The use of a corner of the room as a dining room is the right idea. A soft sofa in this room makes it feel much more comfortable. Some pillows are used as decorations to decorate the sofa which will affect the appearance of the room. The simple motif on the pillow make the kitchen dining room look beautiful.

The combination of white and beige brings a warm atmosphere to the room. The window beside the sofa makes sunlight enter the room freely and blends with white and beige. Make the kitchen dining room look much sweeter, fresher, brighter, and more beautiful.

white dining space and kitchen // globe pendant light // hardwood floors // corner bench // white cabinets

Dreaming of a breakfast nook or looking to maximize space? The answer to your kitchen seating conundrum may be a banquette.

Hanging lamp as room decoration beautifies the appearance of the kitchen dining room. The addition of a small plant with a beautiful vase on the table makes it look much sweeter. This beautiful corner of the room makes it not only to enjoy meals but can also be used as a place to work and relax.

Optimizing the Function of the Center of the Room

In optimizing the room, not only the corner of the room that is considered but also the middle of the room. The middle of the room that is left empty makes the room look stiff and uncomfortable. Utilizing this to put tables and chairs is the right idea.

The addition of decorations in the form of flowers with beautiful colors placed on the table gives a fresh and sweet appearance in the kitchen dining room. Other small plants can also be used to decorate kitchen cabinets so they don’t look stiff.

The use of two floors: ceramic floors and wooden floors in the room gives the illusion of boundaries in the room. So that we can see which one is the kitchen and which is the dining room even in one room.