Inspiring Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas

1759 – Making too much space in the house makes the room smaller, especially for minimalist homes. We can still optimize the function of the room in the house without having to make too much space.

Currently, the kitchen living room is a trend among home designers. Combining two rooms into one room makes this room look more attractive and spacious.

In applying the kitchen living room in the house, of course, requires some reference. And here, we have provided Inspiring Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

Elegant Small Kitchen Living Room

The use of gold color has indeed become a common alternative in presenting an elegant look into the room. The combination of gold, white, silver, and gray gives a classy yet sweet impression to the room.

The use of one tone in the living room kitchen makes these two look unified and harmonious. The addition of an elegant-looking hanging lamp adds classy value to the room. Warm lighting makes the room feel comfortable. Warm lighting makes the room look cute without reducing the elegant look.

Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Idea

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Presenting a natural look in a room will make the room feel fresh. So that the open concept kitchen living room is the most appropriate idea.

The use of white, beige, and gray makes the room look so sweet and bright. Windows Large windows in the room allow sunlight to enter the room freely and make these colors look brighter. This is what makes the kitchen living room will be a comfortable and beautiful room.

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The presence of wood elements in the room presents a warm atmosphere. It can be seen that color wood in the kitchen is lighter than the living room. This gives the illusion that even in one room, the function of the two looks contrasted.

Sweet Look Kitchen Living Room Idea

Bringing a sweet nuance to the room is indeed one alternative in making the room feel comfortable. The choice of bright colors makes the room feel soothing. And we can combine the two into one room. Who doesn’t want to have a room that is both sweet and soothing?

Here, the choice of colors in the room must be considered. As an alternative, white is the most appropriate color to be applied. After that, we can present a little sweet touch by using nude colors. A little black also gives a striking impression on the room and makes the room look more attractive.

The presence of natural light makes this room look even sweeter. The existence of decoration in the form of a net curtain makes the room look beautiful and bright. Some plants also add to the peace of this room.

Scandinavian Kitchen Living Room Idea

Santa Barbara Pendant - Serena & Lily

A simple appearance in the room makes the room look more attractive. So that the Scandinavian design is very suitable to be applied in the kitchen living room.

White as the base color of the room makes this room look bright. Some simple and sweet furniture emphasizes the Scandinavian look to the room. A little use of black gives a striking impression so that the kitchen living room looks attractive and not boring.

The characteristic of the Scandinavian style is the presence of natural elements in the room. So that plants can be an alternative in emphasizing Scandinavian design in the room.