27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours


roohome.com – Even though you can read books anywhere, of course, there is a reason why a library has comfortable reading spots. A soft chair with a throw pillow in the corner of the room. Usually, being close to a window is very helpful to prevent sore eyes when reading. Starting from the seating, atmosphere, decoration, and lighting, it really supports reading for many pages. So, what if you make something similar at your home? Create a reading nook that is comfortable yet aesthetic. In this article, we have provided 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours that you can follow and practice. So, let’s check it out!

1. Bright Reading Nook Alcove

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The first of 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours is a bring reading nook alcove. Installing large windows and skylights maximizes the light entering the alcove. It lights up the reading nook very well. So, it is very appropriate to make white the main color. It can make the look natural. Besides that, the color white and maximum natural lighting is a very effective combination in making a small area feel larger. It makes the reading nook feel more comfortable. With small touches in the form of a soft-colored throw pillow and several displays on the built-in shelves, the alcove reading nook becomes perfect.

2. Feel Soothing with Dimmer Look

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The reading nook feels so comfortable with the use of neutral colors. It has a dimmer look with light gray as the main color. Windows that are left open make natural light enter the room well. So, placing a sofa with its back to the window will greatly affect the comfort of your eyes when reading.

The minimalist concept, the dominant use of fabric materials, and wooden floating wall shelves as storage and decorative areas provide warmth and tranquility. It also has an important role in making the reading nook feel comfortable.

3. A Cozy Swing Chair

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The use of a swing chair succeeded in creating a different appearance for the reading nook. Swing chairs made of rattan can fit well into modern industrial design. It looks so balanced with the exposed brick wall behind it. The simple concept makes the swing chair appear to stand out in the corner of the room.

With the addition of decorations in the form of seat cushions and throw pillows, the swing chair becomes more attractive. In addition, these decorations also provide comfort for you to sit for hours.

4. Fresh with A Large Plant

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Don’t be confused about decorating the simple reading nook. Plants are the most appropriate. The natural green color of plants can fit into all room concepts and designs.
Place the large plant right behind the sofa so that it only displays green leaves which can refresh the appearance. So, there is no need to focus on the design of the pot used for this large plant.

Placing it in an area that gets sunlight will be very helpful for plants to photosynthesize. Plants can stay alive and freshen your reading nook for a long time.

5. Relax on The Window Bench

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Take advantage of the window area as a reading nook. With maximum natural lighting, reading for pages will not hurt your eyes. On the contrary, reading a book for hours will feel very comfortable.

Custom the window bench with storage underneath which can be used as a place to store your favorite books. Seat cushions and throw pillows can be decorations that beautify and make the bench more comfortable. And, this is the next of 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours you can choose from.

6. Maximum of Lighting

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The next of 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours is a maximum of lighting. The reading nook in the home’s small library has a large window. The light comes in optimally. Besides making the reading nook feel comfortable, it also gives a spacious feel to the small library.

However, if you are too dazzled by excessive lighting, you can install sheer curtains. It can filter the light entering the room so it is not too dazzling. Or, you can also install window film to protect it from too hot UV rays.

7. Make The Most Living Room Corner

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The corner of the living room feels so comfortable with white nuances. Because the white color is consistent here, the window area is decorated with sheer curtains which reduce the light entering the room. That way, the reading corner won’t be too dazzling.

The white floor lamp looks harmonious with the walls, windows, and ceiling in the reading nook. The sofa and table have matching colors which makes the appearance look simpler and calmer. Comfort in the reading nook is also well maintained by installing an air conditioner that leads directly to the couch. It is good as a place to read when summer arrives.

8. Feel Comfy in an Aesthetic Look

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A beautiful room will give you comfort. That is what is depicted in this idea. The corner of the room does have a simple appearance. However, all of this is saved by decorations that change the appearance to be aesthetic.

The white wall panels provide an interesting texture even though there are no displays hanging there. However, there is an arch mirror with a black frame leaning against the wall. The look is perfect with a throw pillow with a soft color and simple pattern and also a vase filled with plants on the coffee table.

9. Blanket on The Couch

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The lounge chair you choose will determine the comfort of your reading nook. A large lounge chair made from fabric is the most appropriate. With its soft cushion, sitting for hours will not make your body hurt. Throw pillows as decoration also add to the comfort of the lounge chair. With a little more touch, in the form of a blanket, this spot is ripe for reading. A blanket will keep your body warm from the cold air entering through the window gaps.

10. Feel Comfortable on Your Beanbag

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Who is more comfortable sitting on a beanbag than on a chair? This is because beanbags are designed to be lower than benches. Each side is made of fabric containing cotton, foam, or special granules that can adjust to your body shape so that your posture can be maintained properly.

With a low design, you can extend your legs freely when reading. So, placing a soft rug right under the beans can increase the comfort of the reading nook. This becomes the next of 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours you can follow.

11. Fresh Pink Reading Nook

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The right and left sides of the lounge chair are decorated with two medium-sized plants of different types. Using pots with legs makes them stand out in the corner of the room. The green color of the plants refreshes the pink reading nook and makes it so comfortable. The paintings on the wall are also decorations that add to the beauty of the reading nook’s appearance. It enlivens and makes the room so attractive. From the paintings, other colors are present well in the room creating a more different impression and eliminating the stiff and boring impression.

12. Looks Neat and Simple

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Limited space does not make the reading nook look messy with several decorations there. Paintings displayed on the walls in a conceptual manner are one of the factors. Moreover, there are string lights that surround the wall area as if showing off the neatness of the reading nook. Yellow lighting from the string light also brings calm and warmth which makes this reading space feel very comfortable.

Keep it simple by not using a bookshelf. You can stack your favorite books next to a chair. Also, use these books as a decorative area by placing a small plant on top.

13. Get Freshness from Plants

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If you are confused about choosing what decoration is suitable for the reading nook? Then plants are the answer. Plants are an alternative decoration. The color and appearance can blend with all the concepts and designs of the room.

The reading nook looks simple, just using a soft rattan with a soft cushion and a coffee table to put the books. Even so, several plants of different types and sizes managed to decorate the reading nook very well. The scattered placement enlivens and enhances the corner of the room.

14. Simple Reading Nook

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In a reading nook, the priority is its function. So, even though the appearance is very simple, as long as there is a bench and the right lighting, reading will be very comfortable. In fact, applying a simple concept will create a calmer atmosphere.

The lounge, a minimalist coffee table, floor lamp with lighting leading to the lounge chair are enough for the reading nook. However, if you want to bring something interesting there, floating wall shelves for placing your books are a great idea.

15. Escape from The Crowd

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The next of 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours is an escape from the world. With windows on three sides, the alcove has good lighting. The use of Indian-style windows has succeeded in being a light filter so that the reading nook is not too dazzling. The window bench makes the alcove feel comfortable as a reading nook. The curtain installed in the outside area of the alcove plays its main role. When you slide on the curtain, the reading nook becomes a very comfortable hiding place from the crowds outside.

16. Utilize The Tranquility in Attic

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Placing a lounge chair in the corner of the room of the attic has succeeded in turning it into a reading nook. Moreover, additional decorations are added, such as a floor lamp with lighting that leads to the lamp, a coffee table, a rug, and an open shelf as a place to store books. The rack area also becomes a decorative area which makes the attic look attractive. Besides the books, there are several displays that can be seen there. The light from the string lights on the rack also adds to the aesthetic value of the attic.

17. Enjoy Your Wintertime

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An alcove that is large enough is an advantage for you. The bench is no longer used here, but rather a small mattress. With its large size, reading books will be more comfortable. Due to the large amount of space available, the reading area was made complete with several throw pillows and blankets. These are the decorations that not only beautify the appearance of the alcove but are also a heater to fight cold air entering the house. With this reading nook, the long winter holidays are no longer boring.

18. Make Your Feet Comfortable Too

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The lounge chair with a footrest makes the reading nook comfortable. Using this bench not only pays attention to body comfort but also foot comfort. With a footrest, there is no longer the tingling feeling that occurs due to sitting too long.

The vintage-designed lounge chair with footrest looks so pretty with a classic design. The curved lines on the floor look harmonious with the beautiful carvings on the ceiling. The choice of yellow makes it the main focus in the white nuances reading corner.

19. Get Warmth from The Fireplace

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This reading nook was created by utilizing the warmth from the fireplace. And, this is the next of 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours.

Placing a bench not too far from the fireplace is very effective for warming the body when winter arrives. It feels more comfortable and throw pillows on the chair and rug under the bench. Choosing gray as the main color also plays an important role in changing the ambiance of the room to warm and calm. A little play on candlelight beautifies the appearance while adding warmth to the reading nook itself.

20. Enjoy The View Thoroughly

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Reading books for hours sometimes tires the eyes. Therefore, you need to rest your eyes by directing them to something beautiful. By installing large windows without frames and grids, the beautiful views around the house can be seen very clearly. The trees and grass outside the house also help to refresh the reading nook area. So, you just need to add a little more touch in the form of small plants in several spots such as the coffee table and floating shelves.

21. Neutral Reading Nook

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White and gray are the colors chosen for this neutral reading nook. The wooden sofa has a smooth texture with beautiful wood motifs. The seat cushion and throw pillows are what make this wooden sofa feel comfortable. A plain appearance with no pattern at all brings maximum calm.

The neutral reading nook really just plays on natural elements. The walls are installed with wooden shelves in the same color as the sofa. Several spots have refreshing green plants. And, natural lighting provides warmth, comfort, and also makes the room come alive.

22. White Nuances Reading Nook

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The next of 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours is a white nuance reading nook. This reading nook applies white consistently, starting from the round seat cushion, throw pillows, walls, and sheer curtains. There is no pattern presented here to maintain the minimalist concept of the reading nook.

The white color itself brightens the reading nook, so to prevent the brightness from being too dazzling to the eyes, the window is covered with a sheer curtain. It is a great item to filter the light without making the room dark.

23. A Wooden Stool for Books

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This reading nook looks more attractive by replacing the coffee table with a stool. The simpler design is very suitable for the minimalist reading nook. However, because the size is not too big, you can only put two to three books there.

The wooden stools have a natural brown color which will really blend in with the natural reading nook. It brings warmth into the white reading corner nuances.

24. Industrial Reading Nook Design

industrial reading nook ideas
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Industrial style will give a different impression for the reading nook. The exposed brick wall shows a very beautiful texture in the room. With this, there is no longer a need for displays just to make the wall area look attractive. However, if you still want to put a display there so that the wall does not look empty, then do it very simply.

The industrial design does not always appear dark, cool, and masculine. It can also be made bright with white as the main color and natural lighting. However, black is still present to give a firm and sharp impression which is a characteristic of industrial design itself.

25. Double Your Cushion

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This idea shows that creating a comfortable reading nook is not difficult. There is no need for a bench with a proper design. Just relying on the seat cushion is enough to make your reading activities feel comfortable. By doing a double seat cushion, the body will not feel the hardness of the floor. It only takes a few more touches to make the reading nook perfect, that is throw pillows and blankets which add to the comfort of the reading space.

26. Soothing Vintage Style

vintage reading nook ideas
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The next of 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours is a soothing vintage style. Vintage style brings warmth and calm to the room. Actually, both of these come from choosing the right color. Colors that tend to be dark such as brown, soft green, and ivory white provide a dimmer effect on the appearance. Also, the wall lamps with yellow lighting. This is like spreading warmth to the reading nook during the day and night. Not only that, the wooden material on the walls also helps in providing warmth and calm to the vintage reading nook.

27. Sconces on Upper Walls

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Reading nooks are made in spots that get maximum natural light, such as next to a window. It is just that when night falls, there is no longer any natural light to illuminate the reading nook. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on light from lamps.

The application of a window bench does not leave space to place a floor lamp. So, utilizing the upper wall area is the solution. The sconces installed right above the window lead directly to the window bench which will really help you read at night. And, this is the last of 27 Reading Nook Ideas that you can follow and apply.

Final Words

In a reading nook, beauty is not a priority, but comfort. This is because reading nooks are not judged in terms of their aesthetics but their usability. Is the bench used comfortable enough? How about the lighting? There are also several decorations that not only provide beauty but also make the reading nook a comfortable place. And, it is all summarized in 27 Reading Nook Ideas That Can Keep You Comfortable for Hours.