Welcome A Christmas in Lovely Room with These 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas


roohome.com – Enjoy your new year with a beautiful and calm Christmas atmosphere. Usually, before Christmas and New Year, people will compete to beautify their homes, both interior and exterior, with various kinds of Christmas ornaments such as garlands, wreaths, Christmas trees, etc. Rooms that are exposed and become gathering places are often focused on. In fact, in creating a Christmas atmosphere at home, rooms that are not exposed or that are private rooms also need to be considered, such as your lovely bedroom. In fact, choosing the right Christmas ornaments can bring warmth into your bedroom and increase comfort there. Also, in terms of beauty, of course, the appearance of the bedroom will look different and more charming. In this article, we have provided 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas for those of you who want to Welcome A Christmas in a Lovely Room. So, let’s check it out!

1. Garland and String Light is The Best Combo

Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Create freshness in your bed area. You can put a garland on the headboard. Make the garland stand out and look more lively in the room by using additional items in the form of string lights. Choose string lights with yellow lighting that can bring warmth to your bed or bedroom area. This can also be your night light at night. With string lights, the garland will look very charming at night. And, this becomes the first of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas you can follow and try.

2. Scattered Candles in The Bedroom

best Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Enjoy the winter season on Christmas Day by relaxing in the comfort of your bedroom. Banish cold air and nuances by bringing something warm into the bedroom. Here, you can rely on several candles. This is the next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can apply.

Place the picks in a scattered manner. That way, the yellow light will illuminate every side of the bedroom very well. This yellow light makes the bedroom feel warm.

Using aromatherapy candles is a very appropriate option. These candles not only provide warmth to your lovely room but also provide a fragrance that can make you calm and relaxed.

3. Full of Soft White

white Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Of the many shades of white that you can choose, soft white is the most appropriate to accompany your Christmas day. This color can change the atmosphere to be calmer. And, with a touch of Christmas ornaments, the look of your room will be great.

You can be consistent with a soft white color for the room, starting from the rug, walls, bedding, and blankets. With this, the green color of the garland and Christmas tree will appear more clearly in the room. With the help of string lights, the garland and Christmas tree look charming in the room.

4. Playing with String Light

string light
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Playing with string lights is the next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can follow and apply. Apart from being a decoration for welcoming a Christmas, this is also additional lighting that can make your room look brighter.

String lights with yellow lighting are the most appropriate for your bedroom on Christmas Day. Yellow lighting brings warmth and calm which can increase comfort in the bedroom.

The string light is installed on one side of the wall right behind the bed so that it looks like it stands out in the room. Installing vertically from the ceiling to the bottom of the wall gives the illusion of height on the wall. So, it’s a good way to make the small bedroom feel wider.

5. Cozy Industrial Bedroom Design

industrial Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Installing Christmas ornaments in an industrial bedroom design is a very appropriate option. The shady look with yellow lighting from additional lamps strengthens the calm feel of the bedroom. So, it will be a cozy room to enjoy the winter on Christmas Day.

Because the concept is too simple, the medium-sized Christmas tree really fills the void in the room. In another corner of the room, there is a standing mirror with bulb lamps. Bright yellow lights make the corners of the room come alive. And, the empty wall area looks so beautiful with a natural and simple display. Tree branches with star-shaped lights look so beautiful hanging on the wall.

6. Fill The Corner of The Room with Christmas Trees

christmas tree
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Take advantage of the corner of the room as an interesting spot in the bedroom. Place two Christmas trees of different sizes for more interesting results. Just need a few more touches to make the Christmas tree look beautiful. Decorate the Christmas tree with string lights and Christmas balls. Or, if you want to make it simple, remove the Christmas balls.

Extend the decoration to the floor area. Put some lanterns filled with candles. It will look so pretty at night. You can also add some other decorations in the form of gift boxes. Also, use a white sheepskin rug as a place for you to relax.

7. Simple but Looks Fresh

fresh Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
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If you prefer a quiet and simple room, then maintain a minimalist concept in your bedroom. Changing the theme to Christmas can be done without disturbing the minimalist concept of the room. You can still make white the main color. And, choose green as an accent. Just use two colors to maintain a clean look in the room.

Expand the green color in several spots such as the garland for the headboard and Christmas tree in the corner of the room. For walls, it would be better if left plain. However, if this looks too stiff, then hang a simple picture or painting right above the headboard. Lastly, you just have to give a little enlivening look by choosing pillow sheets with a simple pattern.

8. A Touch of Red on The Bedding

red bedding
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Using neutral colors for the interior is a safe way to decorate a room. This color will not give a quirky, strange, excessive, or other effect. In fact, a combination of neutral colors such as white and gray can provide a bright and calm effect on the room.

However, if you feel that your bedroom seems too simple and natural, then you need to have a little courage to choose another color as an accent. Red is the right color for welcoming Christmas Day. You can choose a blanket and several red pillow sheets. The presence of red seems to bring enthusiasm into the bedroom.

9. Enliven The Room with Dolls

christmas dolls
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The bed is a crucial spot in the bedroom. You could say, the key to the beauty of a bedroom is the bed. So, if you want to make your bedroom look great on Christmas Day, make sure you decorate your bed properly. Choosing the right bedding is the first step you have to do. You can choose green bedding with a simple pattern to welcome Christmas Day. And, put some additional decorations in the form of dolls that can enliven your bed space.

Choose dolls that are still related to Christmas, such as dolls in the form of doll cakes, candy canes, socks, and so on. The various colors on the dolls can create a cloudless atmosphere and bring your bedroom to another level.

10. Wreath as Wall Decoration

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Maintaining a minimalist concept in the bedroom is the same as maintaining calm in the room itself. So, make sure you choose the right decoration because not all decorations can be used here. Choose decorations that can bring Christmas vibes into your room, such as a small Christmas tree and wreath.

In keeping a minimalist concept in the bedroom, pay attention to the walls of the room. Make sure it is plain. However, if you though it looks weird and stiff, then hang a simple wreath right above the headboard. That way, the wreath can stand out. The green wreath looks pretty hanging on the soft whitewashed wall. And, this is the next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas that is easy to follow and try.

11. Decorate Your Beside Tables with Small Christmas Trees

small christmas trees
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It is time to replace your bedside table displays with the new ones. Change the displays with Christmas-related displays. And, if you want to make Christmas look dominant in the bedroom, then small Christmas trees are the right option for you to choose. Put the small Christmas trees on both bedside tables. So, it will look harmonious in one spot.

Make these two Christmas trees look charming on the bedside table by adding a few additional touches. You can put some cotton that looks like snow on the trees outside the house. Also, hang the string lights around the Christmas tree. The light will make it appear more dramatic and beautiful, especially at night.

12. Rely on Bedding

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An easy way to bring Christmas vibes into your bedroom is to rely on bedding. This becomes the next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas that you can follow. Here, you only need to choose bedding with colors related to Christmas, such as red, green, and white.

For a bed sheet, you can choose white to make it look harmonious with the interior. However, for the duvet cover, bed cover, pillow sheets, and blanket, choose red, white, and green. You can also play with the pattern to enliven the room and bring a cloudless ambiance into your simple and neutral bedroom. But, make sure the pattern you choose is still simple so that the harmony in the appearance of the room can be maintained well.

13. Present Christmas Vibes with Projector

simple Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
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If you are too lazy to change the decoration and theme of your bedroom, then this idea is suitable for you. This idea shows that bringing a Christmas vibe into the bedroom can be very easy and hassle-free. You only need a projector here and look for a Christmas tree picture or picture that is related to Christmas on the internet.

Choose a blank side of the wall without decorations as the screen. That way, the picture can be displayed in the room very well. Choose the wall adjacent to the bed because this is the main spot in the bedroom. And done, it is the time to enjoy Christmas vibes in your own lovely room.

14. Red Christmas Tree Balls on The Wall

Christmas tree balls
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The whitewashed wall looks pretty with the sparkling from the string light. However, the appearance looks different and attractive with additional decorations in the form of Christmas balls hung on string lights. The red color on the Christmas balls is the same as the bedding which makes the bedroom look so harmonious. The red color of the Christmas balls looks shiny from the string lights.

Using the same decoration as the bedding is one trick to keep the appearance of the room harmonious. Apart from that, this also minimizes the color in the room so that the room is not too full.

15. Christmas Tree from String Light

simple christmas tree
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The next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas is a Christmas tree from string lights. You can choose this idea if there is no more empty space in the room for the Christmas tree. Not only that, this idea can also be used as wall decor. It is good to fill one side of the wall in the room.

The item you need here is just a string light with green lighting. Install string lights shaped like a Christmas tree. So, when the string light is turned on, the green light will be shaped like a tree and look attractive. You can also use this light as a night light at night.

If you feel that the string lights look too plain, then add some Christmas ornaments that can make it look attractive. You can hang some Christmas balls there. Or, you can also create a memorable spot there by hanging some of your photos.

16. Elegant White Christmas Tree

white christmas tree
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Usually, a green Christmas tree is the choice for Christmas. However, if you want a different atmosphere and appearance, choose a white Christmas tree like the picture above. This is the next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas.

The white Christmas tree looks good in white bedroom shades. The tree has successfully entered and blended with the interior of the room. You only need a few more touches to make the white Christmas tree look stunning in the bedroom. You just need to hang the Christmas ball and string lights. The gold Christmas balls can give an elegant impression to the tree and the room.

17. Santa Claus Doll for Your Daughter’s Bed

daughtes' Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Decorating a kids’ bedroom is done in different ways. Usually, adult bedrooms tend to be simple and minimalist so that the atmosphere feels calm, in children’s bedrooms it is the opposite. Various patterns, wall displays, and colors are presented to create a cloudless ambiance. That way, children will feel happier in their room.

For welcoming Christmas, place a Christmas tree in the room. Hang the string light and Christmas tree Santa Claus on the tree. And, for the bed, place a Santa Claus doll. This will make your beloved daughter happy. The presence of the Santa Claus doll also enlivens and enhances the bedroom.

18. Pay Attention to Your Window Area Too

window decor
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The view in winter is very beautiful. The roads and trees were covered with piles of snow. Also, when it snows, enjoying this view from the bedroom through the window can make you feel calmer. So, in order to enjoy this beautiful view, do not cover the windows with curtains. This method can also allow natural light to enter the room freely. So that the room gets good lighting.

However, if the window area looks very empty and boring, then decorating this area with Christmas tree figures is the right idea. It can beautify your window area without blocking the path of light.

19. Fill Your Headboard Space

headboard decor
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The white headboard looks so charming with several silver figures. Christmas tree and deer shaped figures make it attractive. The color matches the headboard color. However, it still looks different with the separator in the form of a garland. The green color makes the white and silver separate well and neatly.

String lights with yellow lighting make the garland look charming on the headboard. The sparkling of string light also helps the silver color of the figures look more shiny.

20. A Picture with 3D Christmas Word

christmas picture
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In the middle of the bed wall there is an ecofriendly display. The picture is made from unused wood. There is a black “Christmas” writing that looks attractive on the white wood. And, this is the next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas. The large size fits perfectly with the wall and the size of the bed.

The picture looks more natural on the wall with additional decoration in the form of a garland on the top. The green color seems to give a fresh effect to the walls of the room.

21. Bring A Natural Look to Your Room

natural Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas
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Never make wooden boards in your yard. You can use this wooden board as decoration for Christmas. You can hang this wooden board on the bedroom wall. And, hang a simple wreath there. The brown color of the wood and the green color of the wreath bring a natural impression to the bedroom.

If you though the look of this decoration is too simple, then give it an additional touch. You can hang the string light on the wooden board. Choose yellow lighting to bring warmth into the bedroom. Also, the combination of wood and yellow light is the best in bringing calm and warmth into the room.

22. Hang Your Socks

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Hanging your socks is the next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas that are easy to follow. Hanging socks has become a culture that is done just before Christmas. A pair of gray socks hangs on the floating wall shelf right above the bed. In terms of color, the socks blend with the interior of the room and create a harmonious and balanced appearance. The natural look of the room is maintained well.

23. Expand to Your Bedside Table

bedside table decor
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Decorating the bedroom before Christmas usually only focuses on certain spots that are directly visible to the eye, such as walls, corners of the room, and the bed. In fact, in changing the bedroom theme to a Christmas theme, you have to decorate consistently. Expand the Christmas decorations to the bedside table. And, this is the next of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas.

Just before Christmas is the time when you change all the decorations on the side table. Choose several displays related to Christmas, such as deer and Christmas tree figures. And, at the bottom of the table, you can fill it with a bear figure and also a ball filled with lights which can look beautiful when lit.

24. A Beautiful Lantern

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The last of 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas is a beautiful lantern. This is an easy decoration you can follow. You only need an empty lantern. Fill the lantern with a candle. Or, you can also replace it with string lights. It is much safer to use inside the bedroom

For a more aesthetic lantern appearance, you can fill the lantern with cotton first. It looks like snow which is associated with winter and Christmas.

Place the lantern in a spot visible to the eye. We recommend that you put it in the area around the bed because this is the main spot in the bedroom.

Final Words

Welcome Christmas by changing the concept and decoration in your bedroom. It is not too difficult or troublesome because you can easily get Christmas ornaments. Also, installation is very easy. What is needed here is just a creativity. How you make these ornaments can increase the aesthetic value and beauty of your bedroom. Keep paying attention to the design, layout, and concept of your bedroom interior. That way, harmony in the appearance will be well maintained. And, the points above are 24 Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas you can follow. So, good luck!