Simple Tips In Order to Keep The Cleanliness of The Bathroom

203 – Cleanliness of the room is an important thing that must be considered. This is because a dirty room will bring various diseases. Besides that, dirty rooms are very unpleasant to look at and make you feel uncomfortable.

Although the existence of a bathroom is never exposed, maintaining the cleanliness of this room is very important. There are Simple Tips In Order to Keep The Cleanliness of The Bathroom you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Separate Between Rag and Towel

Both of these items, rag and towel, are items that should be in the bathroom. Putting the rag close to the towel will make the bacteria in the rag move to the towel. And when you use it, bacteria will stick to your body.

It would be better if you use a rug and towel with a different color. Sometimes for the sake of making the bathroom look attractive, we only use one color for items in the bathroom. However, the rag is an exception. You can choose rag with neutral colors, such as black or gray.

Instantly Dry The Floor or Wet Sink

When we finish bathing or washing our hands, the floor and sink were exposed to water. If left just like that the water will dry up and make spots. This will certainly affect the look of your bathroom. The bathroom will look dirty and not maintained.

For that when there is water splashing in the bathroom, make sure to dry it immediately. It is easier to clean it immediately if you clean it after the water dries and becomes blotchy. So, which one do you want to choose?

Put The Bottles After Used

Items that are always in the bathroom are bottles containing shampoo, soap, etc. If the bottle is left alone after use, the bathroom will look messy. For this reason, it is very important to put the bottle when finished in its original place.

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The floating shelf can be used to put the bottles. In addition, the bottles with beautiful shapes can be used to decorate the bathroom so that the bathroom will look attractive.

Close Toilet when Push

This is the rarest thing people do, which is closing the toilet when pushed. When the toilet is pushed without being closed it will make the water splash out so the floor will become dirty. In addition, bacteria in the toilet will fly and stick to parts of the bathroom. Bacteria can stick to your toothbrush, bottles, or even your face.

Wipe The Bathroom Surface Regularly

A bathroom is a gathering place for germs. Therefore, clean the bathroom surface regularly. Especially if the bathroom is used by many people. If not cleaned regularly, the bathroom will become a place of disease. Wipe bathroom surfaces that are often used, such as floors, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, etc.

Use Toilet Cleaner Liquid to Clean The Toilet

Homemade Toilet Cleaner

Stains on the toilet are very difficult to clean even with a brush. This is why toilet cleaner liquid is present. Pour liquid cleaner on the toilet, then wait after that brush for maximum results. The clean and sleek toilet you will get.