28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips: Feel The Nuances of Freshness in Your Cooking Area


roohome.com – Being a place for cooking, the appearance of the kitchen is often messy and dirty. And this is one of the factors that make this room uncomfortable. In fact, just like any other room, you also have to make the kitchen as beautiful and comfortable as possible. You can make the ambiance of the kitchen fresh so that it will feel comfortable. And, in this article, we have provided 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips for those of you who want to feel the nuances of freshness in your cooking area. So, let’s check it out!

1. Make White Dominant in The Room

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To make your kitchen fresh, you can choose white as the main color of the room. This one color is the best in making the appearance look naturally bright. Besides that, white can also lighten or even erase dark corners in a room and make the room feel more spacious.

Making white as the main color is tantamount to neutralizing the appearance of the room. That way, other colors, textures, and also the decorations that are there will be seen more clearly. This will really help you to focus on decorations that can provide beauty and aesthetic value to the kitchen.

2. Choosing a Wood Cabinet

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There is a lot of stuff in the kitchen which, if you do not organize it properly, will make the appearance dirty and messy. Therefore, the kitchen cabinet is a very important item in this room. This is where you will put your things so that the tidiness of the kitchen can be maintained properly.

Currently, cabinets are made varied, both in color, material, and design. With this, the function of the cabinet does not stop here (as storage). The cabinet also functions as a decoration that determines the appearance and atmosphere of the kitchen. If you want to have a fresh kitchen, then choose a wood cabinet. Let the wood reveal its natural color and texture.

3. Add Any Plant to The Kitchen

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The next of 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips is to add any plant to the kitchen. Presenting plants is an alternative way to make the ambiance and the look of the room fresh.

For the kitchen, you can choose small plants. You can also use them as decoration to increase the aesthetic value of your room by placing them on the fridge or on the floating wall shelves.

For the amount, adjust to the area of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, one small plant is enough to freshen up the kitchen. But, if your kitchen is bigger, you can use more than one plant.

4. Keep Your Kitchen Minimalist

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Keep your kitchen minimalist to be the next of Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips you can choose from. Leave the cooking area clean without any items there. This one method will make the kitchen not only look clean but also become more spacious and comfortable.

However, making a minimalist kitchen does not mean you do not decorate it. So that the kitchen remains beautiful, you can choose floating wall shelves. Then, place some aesthetic decorations such as mugs, jars, bottles, and plates there.

5. Maximize Natural Lighting

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Utilizing natural elements is the easiest and most effective way to make the kitchen feel fresh. As in this one idea that utilizes sunlight as the main kitchen lighting. Natural lighting also helps the colors come alive. Not only that but it also provides warmth that can add to the comfort of the kitchen.

To maximize natural light, you can install a large window in the kitchen. It would be good to use a picture window to show the beautiful view in the kitchen. Try not to provide any decorations on the windows so that natural light can enter the kitchen freely.

6. Decorate The Kitchen with Neutral Colors

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To make your kitchen feel fresh, try to decorate the interior with neutral colors. There are several colors that you can choose from, such as white, black, beige, gray, and navy. You can choose two to three colors to present in the kitchen. We suggest choosing bright as well as dark colors to combine. For example, if you choose white for the main color of the kitchen, then you can give black or navy accents. But, if you want to add gray to this room, then choose gray with a dark shade. This will be very helpful in avoiding the kitchen to appear stiff.

7. Exposed Beams will Make It Look Natural

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Another way to make the kitchen feel fresh is to use natural materials for the kitchen. You can choose wood. The color and texture of the wood not only make the kitchen look fresh but also gives warmth. Not only that, but wood also changes the kitchen ambiance to be calmer so that the kitchen will feel more comfortable.

Installing the beams on the ceiling is the next 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips you can follow. The exposed beams will give a natural and old look to the kitchen. Besides that, exposed beams are also a decoration that emphasizes the beauty of the kitchen. With this, the kitchen not only feels comfortable but also looks pretty.

8. Natural Stone Wall for Another Side

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Not only wood, you can also present natural stone in the kitchen. You can install the natural stone to the wall, or what is called a natural stone wall. Natural stone gives a natural color to the kitchen which makes it feel fresher. The texture given to the natural stone is enough to be a decoration that makes the kitchen look beautiful. That way, you no longer need decorations. However, if you want to add more freshness to this room, you can add one small plant. Natural stone and plants are a very good combination.

9. Green Kitchen Cabinet for a Pretty and Fresh Kitchen Look

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Not only black and white colors that you can choose for the kitchen. You can also choose another color to make the kitchen feel fresh. And, green is the right color. You can choose dark green for the white kitchen shades. It will give a slightly firm look and remove the stiff impression in the kitchen.

The dark green kitchen cabinet is the best to choose from. That way, darker colors will still stand out in the room but do not take away from the bright appearance of the room. In fact, the kitchen looks more beautiful and fresh with a very simple concept.

10. Install The Skylight Windows

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Making natural lighting the main lighting is an effective way to make this room feel fresh. Apart from installing large windows, you can also install skylight windows. This is the best type of window for maximizing natural light. The light that comes from above will be much better at illuminating the room. This can remove shadows as well as dark corners in the kitchen. That way, the kitchen will feel fresher and also wider.

The skylight window also shows the beautiful blue sky that you can enjoy from inside the kitchen. So that when you feel bored and bored, you can raise your head and stare at the beautiful sky above. This method can make you more relaxed and calm.

11. Motif Tiles for Backsplash

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The backsplash is an important spot in the kitchen. This is a spot that is immediately visible to the eye. So, the appearance will greatly affect the ambiance and also the appearance of the kitchen.

If you want to make your kitchen feel fresh, you can take advantage of this backsplash area. You can choose tile motifs with beautiful colors. And, this is the next of 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips you can choose from. The tiles with beautiful motifs can enliven the kitchen and also eliminate the boring impression of the kitchen with a natural appearance.

12. White Door Frame for White Kitchen Nuances

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The ability of white to make a room bright and fresh makes it popular with many people. This one color can also give a clean impression, including for rooms that are often used and have lots of stuff, such as the kitchen.

You can be consistent with white in decorating the kitchen. Not only apply it to walls, but you also have to pay attention to what is attached and what is on the wall. Doors with white frames are the best to choose from.

13. Present Pastel Colors in The Kitchen Interior

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If you are bored with using neutral colors, then you can leave it. Neutral colors are indeed the safest colors. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a mandatory color to choose for the room. There are still many other colors that can make a kitchen look fresh and also pretty. And, one of them is pastel colors.

You can choose light pastel colors for the kitchen. Pastel green for the cabinet can increase the freshness of the kitchen. And, orange pastel can bring a cloudless ambiance and make this room feel alive. Even though the pastel colors are bright but the result for the room will be soft.

14. Install Floating Wall Shelves

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Usually, the wall area in the kitchen will be filled with floating kitchen cabinets. However, there is another item that you can use as a storage area while showing your aesthetic kitchen stuff. And, that is a floating wall shelf. You can put your beautiful mugs and artsy plates that will make the kitchen look pretty. Not only that, but the use of a floating wall shelf also doesn’t give the room a cramped and stuffy impression. In fact, this item also gives the effect of a wider room. That way, the kitchen will feel fresher and more comfortable.

15. All Goes White

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If you want to make your kitchen look fresh and simple, then just use one color. And, white is the most appropriate color. You can apply white throughout the kitchen. A white-toned kitchen gives a clean and tidy impression so you will feel more comfortable there. Do not worry that the kitchen will seem boring and stiff. By making natural lighting the main lighting, the kitchen can be saved. In fact, a white-toned kitchen with natural lighting will look brighter and wider. It also helps in making the kitchen feel fresher.

16. Playing with LED Lights

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Natural light is the best to serve as the main lighting for the room. But, that does not mean you do not use lights at all. You still need lights to keep the kitchen bright at night. Besides the main lights, you can also decorate the kitchen with additional lights such as LED lights. And, this is the next of 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips you can choose from.

The LED light provides a more focused light on an area. You can make the kitchen feel alive and also fresh by making the floor area look shining. Here, you can install the LED light right under the kitchen cabinet.

Choose an LED light with yellow lighting. It gives a beautiful accent to your wooden floor. The brown color of the wood will look more real and give warmth which makes the kitchen not only fresh but also warm.

17. Window Backsplash to Show Your Garden

window backsplash
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If you want to present more natural lighting in the kitchen, installing a window backsplash is a great way. This is the next of 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips you can follow.

Installing a window backsplash is perfect for kitchens that lead to the garden. Apart from being a way for light to enter the kitchen, it also shows a beautiful view. If we look at the picture above, we can see the vertical garden very clearly. The green color of the plants outside the kitchen adds freshness to this room. You can feel the sensation of a fresh kitchen by simply taking advantage of the freshness of the garden outside your home.

18. Timber for The Kitchen Island

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Play with natural materials to bring freshness into the kitchen. There are many ways you can try. And, one of them is installing timber on the bottom or foot of the island table.

As we know, the island table is a spot that is quite visible to stand out in the kitchen. So that when we install timber there, it will look clear. The texture of the timber is enough to give beauty to the kitchen. So, this method is very appropriate to apply to a kitchen with a minimalist design.

You can choose light timber to maintain brightness in the kitchen. It will look good and balance with white and also gray.

19. Choose Wooden Furniture

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The next of 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips is to choose wooden furniture. You can choose this one method to bring more wood materials into the kitchen. That way, natural nuances will be thicker in the room and make it feel fresher.

Wooden round dining table and chairs are the right choice for the dining-kitchen room. The application of the open-plan concept can make a room feel wider because there are no walls as a barrier. However, indeed, you have to match the tone and also the interior.

20. Show Off The Marble Material

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Not only wood, you can also rely on marble to make your kitchen look fresh. In addition, the presence of marble also affects the appearance of the kitchen. Marble makes the room seem more elegant and luxurious. Abstract marble motifs are decorations that make the room look beautiful.

You can install the LED light on the backsplash. With lights that focus on one area, the backsplash will look more stand out in the kitchen. Besides that, marble also has a glossy surface so that when illuminated with LED light, it will give a beautiful effect to the room.

21. Install Timber on The Ceiling

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A kitchen with white nuances makes the appearance neutral and makes the other colors and textures in the room stand out. You can use this to add beauty and freshness to the kitchen. Here, you can install timber starting from the wall area to the ceiling. You can shape the timber as shown in the picture above. Installing timber is also a unique way to separate the kitchen from other areas.

22. Choose Pull-Out Trash Can

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One that disturbs the freshness of the kitchen is garbage. Leftover food, liquids, rotting fruit, and more make the kitchen smelly. Therefore, try to use a pull-out trash can. This is a closed trash can so it minimizes the smell from the trash in the kitchen. That way, the air in the kitchen will remain clean and fresh. This method is also very helpful to maintain the comfort of the kitchen.

23. Choose Glass Door as Access to The Backyard

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For a kitchen that connects to the backyard, you can install a glass door. This will really help in maximizing natural light in the kitchen and make it look bright. You can also enjoy the beauty of the backyard from the kitchen. This will really help to get rid of boredom when in this room. Not only that, but the use of glass doors also makes the backyard fresh and divided into the kitchen.

To save more space in the kitchen or your backyard, sliding glass doors are the best for you to choose from. Choose a glass door with a black frame to give it a little firmness which helps eliminate the impression of stiffness in a minimalist, contemporary, and modern kitchen.

24. Exposed Brick Wall

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Apart from wood, marble, and natural stone, you can also bring bricks to the kitchen. The function is the same, that is to increase the freshness in the kitchen. Therefore, it becomes the next of 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips.

You can install the brick on the wall. Or, commonly called an exposed brick wall. The natural orange or red color comes from the brick environment in the kitchen so this room feels more alive. The texture and color of the bricks succeed in beautifying the appearance of the kitchen so that you no longer put out extra effort in decorating the kitchen. You can keep it simple by installing the floating shelves on the wall.

25. Enliven Your Kitchen with Terrazzo

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For a minimalist kitchen, making the look colorful is an impossible thing. Therefore, you have to find another way to bring a cloudless ambiance to the kitchen. And, installing terrazzo is a great way. You can choose terrazzo with a white base color. Colorful motifs from terrazzo will give a colorful impression to the kitchen and make the look so pretty. It also enlivens the kitchen and makes it feel fresh.

You can install the terrazzo to the main spot in the kitchen which is the backsplash. However, if you want to enlarge the terrazzo scale, you can choose it for the kitchen flooring. It will not give much of a look so that the minimalist concept of the kitchen will be maintained.

26. Dominant with Wood

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For a kitchen that is fresh and also full of peace, you can make wood predominate there. You can install wood from the kitchen cabinet to the kitchen island. Try not to choose a wooden floor so that the appearance is not too excessive and stiff. Concrete floors are the best for wooden kitchens.

Make the natural feel more real in the room by installing a large picture window. It will show the green color of the plants outside the house and give freshness to the kitchen. Not only that, it looks like a beautiful view which also enhances the beauty of this minimalist wooden kitchen.

27. Choose Kitchen Rug as Decoration

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A kitchen rug is a decoration that can make a kitchen look beautiful. Not only that, but the presence of a rug in the kitchen also provides a broad effect that can make the kitchen feel comfortable. Therefore, this method is the most appropriate to implement in a small kitchen.

The presence of a rug on the kitchen floor is like filling an empty space. It is great to enliven the kitchen. Besides that, the presence of motifs and beautiful colors on the rug gives a fresh feel to the room.

28. Make Your Kitchen Island as A Storage Area

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The last of 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips is to make your kitchen island as a storage. That way, you no longer need a floating kitchen cabinet so that the upper area of the kitchen will be more exposed. This will greatly affect the comfort of the kitchen. It makes the kitchen feel more spacious.

The loss of floating cabinets allows you to focus on installing windows to maximize natural light. That way, the kitchen will feel fresher.

Final Words

Keeping the freshness of the kitchen is one way to make the kitchen feel comfortable. And, the points above are 28 Fresh Kitchen Decors & Tips you can follow. Choose decorations and tips that suit your kitchen design. Also, pay attention to the layout and lighting in the kitchen. So, good luck!