Gorgeous Modern Scandinavian Design That You Will Love


Roohome.com – A simple house will indeed feel more comfortable and quiet. However, if you are wrong in decorating or designing your home then your residence will look stiff. Therefore, Scandinavian design is here for you who like simple home designs. And here the Gorgeous Modern Scandinavian Design That You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

Modern Scandinavian Design with Exposed Brick Wall

Looks bright and simple furniture and decoration has become a common characteristic that many people know about Scandinavian Design. Giving a little touch to this style will also make your space look attractive.

Exposed white brick walls on one side of the wall make the room look different. The nuances of nature surround the whole room. Add a few plants to the room as if emphasize the nature and make the room feel comfortable and soothing.

Exposed Brick Wall Scandinavian Design Idea


Mature Look and Cool with White and Gray

The Scandinavian design does use bright colors as its base. In addition to bright colors, colors that must be used in this design are neutral colors, such as white, beige, and gray.

Making white and gray as a room base makes the room look mature. Shades of cold present enveloped the entire room. A little wall decoration emphasizes the mature look.

Cool Scandinavian Design


A little touch of black in the room decor makes this Scandinavian-style room look striking. Sunlight coming into the room makes the black color look shiny and makes the room look bright.

The presence of a large size rug has a big effect on the room. The room looks a little sweeter and warmer so it’s not only stiff and cold that you will feel from this room.

Modern Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom

You will get a bright and simple appearance in the Scandinavian style. However, if you want to make the room feel warm, Rustic style is the most fitting to be combined with the Scandinavian style.

Rustic Scandinavian Room Decor


The use of white, gray, and a little black in the decoration makes the Scandinavian style look perfect. But the leaves that are presented will certainly feel mature and cold. Bringing Rustic designs into the room with the use of hardwood floors and brightly colored wooden furniture will make the room feel warm. Trying to minimize the use of metal in the room so that wood can give the impression of warmth freely.

Modern Scandinavian with A Touch of Gold

Scandinavian style does look modern. Simple and bright has become a characteristic of this style. However, we can give a touch to Scandinavian-style room decorations. If usually the decorations in this style often use black, this time the gold color can also be used to make it look much more attractive.

Classy Bedroom Design

A slight touch of gold in the room decoration will make the room look classy, modern, and elegant. Hanging lamp with a unique display made of metal coated with gold paint makes this chandelier the most striking icon in the room. Gold mirror frames are also not less striking. Scandinavian-style rooms look much more modern and classy without losing the simple impression of this room.