Tips to Decorate Small Bathroom


Small bathrooms are bit tricky to decorate. You have to sacrifice and think twice before adding or subtracting a thing or two in the bathroom. Here are some simple tips to help you to decorate your tiny cute bathroom and feel awesome about it.

Choose suspended toilets and a washbasin without a column


To deceive the eye.

Because of more visible floor, the room will look bigger.

Not only that: thanks to the suspended furniture, the light can also filter under sanitary ware and sink. In this way the whole environment will appear airy and “light”.

Not to mention the hygiene factor.

What if you can’t or don’t want to put suspended toilets?

In this case, I recommend you choose an ergonomically designed toilet and bidet. There are some of small size and rounded shapes, perfect for small rooms.

Use a sliding door and gain some space inside the bathroom.

A simple equation that works great. It’s not just a matter of convenience. Sliding doors are also beautiful to look at. You can contact some companies to do the job for you.

Attention: it is not always possible to install a sliding door.

Internal cistern

I’ve never liked external cisterns. It’s true: in case of maintenance they settle more easily. But it is equally true that the external cistern interrupts the cleaning and continuity of the wall.

Here too I warn you that it is not always possible to install one inside the wall. This possibility must be evaluated together with the company, at the time of the inspection for the restructuring. Do you already know that you cannot install an internal box? Consider the creation of an ad hoc partition, which will host the sanitary attacks.


The choice of colors (floors, walls, paints …) is fundamental. There are colors that “visually” enlarge the environment and others that “make it smaller”. In the case of a small bathroom you will have to focus on the so called “cold colors”. In fact, it is the colors that relax the viewer.

Use cool colors for floors and walls and the room will look bigger than it actually is. What are the cool colors? Blue and violet (and some of their shades); green (and some of its shades); White is practically perfect, but watch out for the use you make of it. A totally white bathroom can create the “hospital” feeling. As an alternative to white there is ‘Grey’.

Remember also in addition to color you have to choose right light.


Bathroom wallpaper? Yes, absolutely.

But in a small bathroom we recommend perspective effect card. Remember the points while choosing…

  1. Waterproof
  2. Customizable
  3. Perfect to ‘enlarge’ small spaces seeing at the view.


Lighting plays a very important role. First of all, it doesn’t have to be aggressive. Then it must give the place a clean and tidy appearance.

For the make-up and face cleaning area, consider purchasing a mirror with integrated LED light. Alternatively you can focus on an LED lamp, to be placed above the mirror (or 2 LED lights on the sides of the mirror).

For the ceiling, a good solution is to use spotlights that can be adjusted as needed. In the shower area, however, the advice is to place the light inside the shower.


Use floors and walls of the right color and above all…LARGE.  How big? The fewer leaks there are the better. By hypothesis, if you have a bathroom 120 cm wide, you could choose trendy tiles of that width. Stay away from small square tiles: you risk getting a bad visual effect.


Okay, a mirror is the bare minimum. Have you ever thought of an oval or round mirror? In small spaces, the elimination of corners contributes. If you have chosen a sink with rounded shapes, the combination is perfect.

Mobile and multifunction accessories

In a small space, mobility is limited. However, you always need a place to store some hand towels or other items. My advice is to buy a few but practical Accessories. In particular, it points to accessories that you can move comfortably according to your needs (even for cleaning).

In addition to the use of a suspended cabinet (the one under the sink) you can also evaluate a vertical column. This component is almost always installed next to the mirror above the sink, and is one of the places to store personal care products. By being suspended, that too will contribute to conveying a feeling of lightness and space.


So, these are just a few tricks to make your bathroom look great and spacious. Try implanting. Happy bathroom!

Note: some of these ideas might not go with your bathroom but try to adjust anyway.