Attractive and Comfortable Bedroom with Simple Decor

1067 – To make the room feel more spacious, especially the minimalist room, it is necessary to use minimal decoration. Simple decoration also makes the room look more mature. However, of course, it takes a few references to the simple decoration itself. Because if you get it wrong in decorating the room, the room will be unsightly and uncomfortable. So here The Attractive and Comfortable Bedroom with Simple Decors.

Mirror and Plants

Mirrors and plants are two alternative items in decorating a minimalist or large room. Both of these items do have a big effect on the appearance of the room. Besides making the room look beautiful, both of them also have other functions. Like mirrors for mirrors and plants to make the air in the room fresh. The green color in plants also makes people relaxed.

In a minimalist room, a mirror has a very important role. With a mirror in the room to make the room look more spacious. In addition, light entering the room will bounce off the mirror and make the room look brighter. This is what makes the room look attractive and feels comfortable

bright bedroom decor tips

Beautiful Displays on The Floating Shelf

The wall is indeed the most appropriate media to decorate a room. If you are lazy to hang some wall displays, just use a floating shelf. Here you can put some items that look beautiful or unique to make the room look attractive. A hanging plant that sticks down is very fitting to be placed on a floating shelf.

wall bedroom decor

One Big Wall Painting

One big wall painting is the right decoration if you don’t want to use too many items in the bedroom. Just stick the big painting on the wall if you don’t want to use frames. However, it would be better if given a black frame so the painting would look a bit striking.

To make the bedroom look perfect. Hang or stick the big painting right on the bed. This will make your bedroom look much more attractive.

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Study Place with Wire Wall Grid Decor

If there is a place to study or work in the bedroom, don’t miss decorating this place. Wire wall grids are the right item to decorate your study. This simple decoration will make this place look more filled and attractive.

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In addition to making the room look attractive, the wire grid wall also has other functions and values, which is a place to hang activities lists, tasks, and others. This item can also be used as a container for your memory with outgoing or friends. Just hang some of your precious photos there. Give a little decoration in the form of string light will make it look beautiful.

Comfortable bed with Layered Bedding

As a main item in the bedroom, the bed has a great impact on this room. Decorating the bed with layered bedding will make the bedroom look much more attractive. The use of layered bedding also makes the bed feel softer and warmer making you feel comfortable when in your bed.

comfortable bedroom with layered bedding