6 Comfortable Bedroom Decors For You Who Avoiding The Bed Mattress Foundation


Roohome.com – To make the bedroom comfortable some people avoid using bed frames or bed foundations, especially in minimalist bedrooms. This is because the use of the bed frame or bed foundation will make a minimalist bedroom feel cramped.

However, you don’t need to worry about the appearance of a room that looks simple and unappealing. By providing some interesting decorations it will only make the bedroom look simple and sweet. In addition, the bedroom will also feel much more comfortable. And here, 6 Comfortable Bedroom Decors For You Who Avoiding The Bed Mattress Foundation. So, let’s check it out!

Bright Colors are Calm for Duvet Cover

The bed is the main item in the bedroom. It’s important to make this main item stand out. To make the bed as an icon of this room, the use of color is certainly an important factor. The bright, calm colors make it stand out without being tacky.

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The use of muted colors not only affects the appearance of the room but also the comfort of this room. The presence of muted colors in the bedroom makes this room feel soothing and relaxing.

A Little Fresh Decoration for The Bedroom

The bedroom without bed mattress foundation does look very simple. To make it feel comfortable, a little fresh decoration will make this bedroom much better.

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One or two plants in the corner of the room make the room feel fresh as a whole. The use of plants has indeed become a common alternative in making the room feel comfortable. Some books are used as a base to put the pot makes it look attractive.

Big Painting and Lighting

Lighting is a very necessary thing in every room, including the bedroom. However, the function of light is not only to illuminate the bedroom when it is dark but can also be used as decoration to make the bedroom look beautiful.

Warm lighting makes a simple bedroom look sweeter. Warm shades are also present in the bedroom to make this room a soothing place. Placement of warm lighting at the bedside makes the place more comfortable. This is because to turn off the lights, you don’t need to bother getting out of bed.

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Besides the lights, painting is also an important thing in making the room look much prettier. For those of you who are lazy to hang paintings on the wall, leaning them against the inner wall is an alternative.

Placing The Rug

This one also has a pretty big impact on the room. It feels like something is lacking without using this one item. Laying the rug beside the bed will make the atmosphere so warm and of course this makes the bedroom feel very comfortable.

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Small Table Beside The Bed

Very comfortable doing activities on the bed, like playing a cellphone or laptop, reading books, snacking, and so on. By placing a small table next to the bed, you can put your things on the table without having to leave the bed.

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Placing The Mattress Beside The Window

Determining the right place for the mattress is very important because this will affect the comfort of your own bed. Laying a mattress next to the window makes direct morning sunlight hit you. Being exposed to sunlight in the morning will improve your mood for the whole day.

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