Designing A Small Apartment Becomes Elegant By Utilizing Bright Shade

A Design For A Small Apartment
© Ievgeniia Biriukova – Having a small apartment do not make you feel downhearted. Even though the size of your apartment is not wider than others, Ievgeniia Biriukova is capable of creating a small apartment becomes elegant by utilizing bright shade.

Ievgeniia Biriukova has a brilliant design to make a small apartment design becomes attracting. First of all, she chooses a scandinavian style to decorate the apartment in designing a whole room. Scandinavian styles are suitable for building modern design for an apartment.

A Small Apartment Design
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

The living room is combined with geometrical stripes on the wallpaper also on a carpet. Bright shade is chosen by her to get rid of a stuffy atmosphere in there. Instead of adding some tables, she sticks an LCD television right on the wall. Below that, there is a white display cabinet which is blended with yellow. Besides that one, there is a small workspace which is decorated with a white high table along the blue chair. A white couch and a blue pastel curtain could be tuned it.

Scandinavian Style For A Small Apartment
© Ievgeniia Biriukova
Bedroom Design For A Small Apartment
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

Moves to a bedroom, geometrical schemes are still the main material for Ievgeniia Biriukova to support her design. In this bedroom, bright shade could be seen along a splash of green color on the wallpaper, octagonal mirror above a white drawer. She also puts a natural portrayal on the wall to give a cozy space inside the bedroom.

Kitchen Room Design In A Small Apartment
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

Do not forget to take a look the kitchen. She creates mini kitchen set, such as kitchen cabinet, dining table, and a wide mirror all in one space. A beige color matches with the curtain also the decoration.

Bright Shade To Decorate A Small Apartment
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

Having a small apartment which has transformed to be elegant by utilizing bright shade never make you hesitate anymore. Start from now, try to alter your apartment look in a different way. Good luck!