How Could A New Roof Benefit Your Home?


Even if you don’t know much about the construction of your house, obviously, your roof is the most important part. It keeps you warm, it keeps you dry and it finishes off the exterior reflection of your house.

Yet when you are faced with a roof replacement, it can seem like a big decision to make. Of course, the average new roof will last for decades, yet is the substantial investment worth it?

In this article, we will explain the importance of ensuring your roof is up to standard and why a new roof should be high up in your list of priorities.

It Will Revitalise the Exterior of Your Home

A new roof, once it is properly installed can truly change the overall look of your home. Especially with a huge variety of tiles and other roof finishes available, they’ll most definitely be a style to suit you and the rest of your home.

For instance, slate tiles can be an excellent choice, to create a more natural, classic look overall, whereas a synthetic material is a low-cost choice available in a multitude of colours and textures and is perfect for a modern home.

Boost its Value

One of the most outstanding reasons to continue with a new roof is how much it can impact the overall value of your home. If you are looking to sell up in the future, a new roof will also help it sell as the new owner will receive both the aesthetic benefits and they’ll be saving themselves a lot of money in the future.

Whilst, of course, the location and overall condition of your home do affect the resale value, a new roof does bring in a lot of interest.

Did you know that it’s been proven that when combined with other money-saving benefits of choosing a new roof, resale can contribute to a return on investment of up to 60-70%! In that case, you’ll only be paying for a fraction of the price of the roof in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

Of course, heat rises, so your roof plays a huge role in keeping precious heat in your home during the winter. An old inefficient roof will be the place where the most heat escapes from your house and will often be the reason why your energy bills are creeping up. Homes with poorly insulated roofs will pay more on their energy bills. It’s a fact.

To increase the energy efficiency of your home, installing a new roof will ensure that there are no places for heat to escape through. You also need a good heat pump glossary.

Increase Cost Effectiveness

Did you know that a new roof could save you up to a couple of hours of heating per cold day? It could even eliminate the need for heating in warmer months!

A new roof will also reduce the need for regular roofing checks and maintenance call outs, thus eliminating the need to spend out.

Health Benefits

Your roof is so far above you it surely can’t be affecting your physical health, right? Wrong. A leaky roof can lead to mould and mildew issues throughout your home, which in turn circulates through the air and into your lungs. Whilst causing complications in your respiratory system, it can also have an impact on your general immune system and lead to further health problems over the years.

A new roof will ensure that your home is clean, dry and that there aren’t any harmful toxins circulating in the air.

Ensuring Your Decor is Safe

No one wants their roof to leak, causing damage to the inside of their home. A leaky roof can cause damp, mould and mildew and even bad smells, which ultimately will need cleaning by an expert.

To ensure that none of this happens inside your home, and to further preserve the interior of your home, a new roof can be a great choice.

No More Stressing

Having a dodgy roof that ultimately, you cannot trust can lead to more stress than it is worth. It’ll require regular maintenance to ensure that it is safe and thus more and more disruption to day to day life. You may also find yourself constantly dealing with leaks, excess ventilation and other annoying problems.

A new roof will essentially erase these issues and will ensure that for years to come they don’t return.

A Safer Home

Safety is, of course, the highest priority in every home. Yet whilst you wouldn’t consider your roof a threat, an old roof can be extremely dangerous if it isn’t maintained or replaced. Loose or cracked tiles and unstable beams can become increasingly dangerous when subject to storms and heavy rain.

A new roof will ensure that these issues are fixed in a cost-effective manner, and will make your entire home much safer.

An Opportunity to Install Solar Panels

If you are looking for an opportunity to lower your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment, installing Solar Panels Mandurah when you are installing a new roof is a great one. It will give you a solid, strong base which will be able to properly support the green devices.

Added Fire Safety

A modern roof will likely have more fire-proof materials in it than your current. Especially as specifications nowadays ensure that fire spreads far slower and that roofs have easy to access escape points such as skylights.

Especially with many homes now including loft conversions, having a roof with increased safety is a huge priority. Choose a new roof for the peace of mind that you and your family will be safe for years to come.

By highlighting the importance of investing in a new roof, we hope we’ve made it clear that such an investment will not only reduce the number of errors but can also bring huge benefits, for years to come. Should you find that you need a new roof, be sure to work with a reputable company, such as The Roofing Company Bristol Ltd, trusted roofers Bristol.