Advantages of Solar Lighting in Your Home


Solar lamps are the perfect solution to illuminate the exterior of your home, we leave you 5 reasons for you to opt for them.

When the weather is good, spending the nights in our garden is something that is greatly appreciated. But, to enjoy reading or watching a movie on the tablet sitting on the sofa in the garden, we need this space to be well lit. Given all the alternatives that exist to achieve this, we suggest that you opt for solar lighting. Among its advantages is that it is more sustainable, that you will not need a plug and that you can create the most welcoming environments with it.

A solar lamp consists of three parts: a solar panel, to transform the sun’s energy into electricity, an energy storage system and a lighting system that provides light.

Advantages of solar lighting in your garden

– It does not require installation: it does not need wiring or plugs and you can place solar garden lights anywhere, as long as they can receive solar radiation during the day.

– Reduce electricity consumption: it is a more sustainable energy for your home. You can leave them on all night without thinking about the expense.

– They have great autonomy: they can stay on for 3 to 6 hours or even more, depending on the battery of the model in question. The higher the battery capacity (mAh), the longer the light emission time will be offered by the lamp.

– They are ecological and sustainable: as it uses a natural and renewable energy source, it is a totally sustainable option. Solar lamps considerably reduce the amount of pollutants that affect the atmosphere.

– They are safer: without cables, plugs or electricity, solar lighting is the safest for children, adults and pets. You can place them near any wet area of ​​the garden without risk of electrocution.

Types of solar lamps

You can find two different types, those that provide direct lighting and those that create environments thanks to indirect light. Depending on what you are looking for, you will opt for one or the other and you can also combine them to create the space you always wanted.

How to choose solar lamps?

Before buying solar lamps you must take into account a series of aspects that are the following:

– Choose the ones that you can have the option to decide if you want them to turn on or not when there is no sun.

– If what you need is to use these lamps in passageways, the best thing is that they have a motion sensor. For example, in a hallway, a storage room or a garage.

– If you are going to place the solar lamps outdoors (garden or terrace) you must make sure that they are waterproof.

– As for the battery, the most common is that it is lithium and rechargeable. Look at the duration.

– If you want to adjust the intensity of the light, there are some models in which it can be done.

– Take into account the opinions of users about each product to be able to choose the best one according to what you need.

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