10 Signs That Your House May Have A Pest Problem


When you hunt for a house, you check all the essential things like a leaky roof, electrical fitting, bathroom fixtures, floor, and a lot more. But the most important thing that you tend to ignore is whether pests infest the house. Buying a home that has been plagued by pests is a bad deal and will only give you nightmares.

Although there are many things to consider while hunting at the house, one of the most important aspects to consider is pests. Gain some peace of mind if you’re looking to buy a house and stop any surprises down the road by carefully checking the house for rodents and plague infestations. We have compiled a list of 10 signs to watch for while perusing your next home prospects.

So now you must be thinking about how can you detect whether pests infest the property you are going to buy or the house that you are living in already or not? We will guide you in these articles about the same.

Tips To Check Whether Your House Has A Pest Problem Or Not?

Let us read and study these ten signs to help you detect whether your house has a pest problem or not:

Keep A Keen Look On Active Pests

This is one of the easiest ways to check whether a pest problem infects your home. If you find even a single spider crawling around or mosquitoes singing songs for you at night, this is alarming. You must call the pest control experts and let them know your problem. They will help you with the best solutions.

Dropping Of The Pests

Yes, it might sound disgusting to look for pest poops in your house, but you don’t have any other choice. Take a quick tour of your home and check whether there is any poop of the pests, mice, or rodents in your home. Check the dark areas, especially the attic and sinks.


Yes!! This is a possibility too. If you doubt that there are mice in your house, then you must look for their nests. If you find any type of shredded paper or thermocol or a cloth that looks chewed with tiny teeth, then this is the red flag. Pick up your phone and immediately call the pest control experts. Fix an appointment with them and get your house checked and disinfected before the problem grows.

Odd Smell And Sounds

This step can help you to a great extent. If you smell a terrible odor even when you have cleaned the house, it can be mice in your home. If you detect a typical pungent smell like a dry flour, you must get ready to face a cockroach infestation.

Also, keep a check with your ears open wide. If, while sleeping, you hear odd sounds like squeaking and scratching, then it might be the case of mice or rats in your house. The best thing to do is to give a call to pest control experts and let them handle this case.

Holes and Gnaw Marks

You must check out for holes in the garden or near the walls of your house. If you find any breach or a nest that you see does not look correct, you must investigate it. If it is a burrow or a nest, then you must get it cured and covered.

Grease Marks And Tracks

This is one of the most common ways of finding the house being infested by mice or rats. Rats and mice appear to follow the same paths every day, and along the way, they will leave signs and tracks. Rats run along the walls, and can leave traces of dark grease. Fecal droppings, urine tracks, and footprints through paths of dust can also be seen as a sign of potential infestation.

Check For Signs Of Termites

This is vital to be aware of since termites are highly damaging pests that dine on wood, causing a building to experience structural harm. These pests can also consume your wooden furniture and create unhealthy living conditions. Check the wood for signs of Termite damage in the future home or rental unit. This includes visible holes or sagging floors, and wood that, when tapped, sounds hollow. Shed wings of termites or tan-like fecal pellets that resemble sawdust may be signs of infestation.

You Must Also Check For Outdoor Breeding Options

Yes!! If your house has an infestation, it might also be the case that your home’s exteriors are helping the pests breed. If you have an unattended water unit, then it might cause mosquitoes to breed. If there is an old house in your neighborhood, then the pests can enter your home.

Check out on the electric wires that have been hanging and notice rats or mice running over them. If there is any of the following situations, then only pest control experts can help you out. They will visit your property and offer the best services to help you get rid of the infestation and lead a healthy life.

Mole holes

Yes!! Those small looking volcanoes in your garden are a clear proof of mole infestation and red ants or black ones. Moles tend to attack the plants and also have the habit of tearing your lawn into pieces. If you think that there is an infestation of moles, then you must be all set to hire the pest control experts. No home remedy will help you instant solutions as these experts will do.

Complain From Previous Tenants Or Owners

You must also talk about the same from the previous tenants who used to live in the house or the owners about which kind of problem they were facing. If they faced pest issues or not. If they ever called pest control experts. If they have ever had an encounter with pests or not. These questions will help you out in finding solutions to any kind of future problems.


These are the ten points that can help you understand whether pests infest your house or not. Keep an eye on the different things that can help you know that there are different types of pests in your home. Once you are clear with an infestation, then you must not delay the further steps and get to hire the pest control experts.

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