23 Serene Japandi Interior Design Ideas You Will Love


roohome.com – Japandi interior design is a design that can be considered relatively new. It appeared in 2017. This design combines Scandinavian and Japanese which can make your home interior full of serenity and warmth. Wood is the dominant material accompanied by neutral colors like white, grey, black, and beige. Because tranquility is prioritized here, a minimalist concept is applied to the room. Even so, the Japandi design itself has an attractive impression and appearance that makes the room not stiff and boring.

In this article, we have provided 23 Serene Japandi Interior Design Ideas You Will Love. So, let’s check it out!

1. Feel The Warmth in Your Sleeping Space

japandi interior design
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The bedroom is a crucial area. As a room for sleeping and resting, of course, this room must be made as comfortable as possible. However, still pay attention to the beauty side so that the bedroom does not feel boring. That way, you will feel comfortable when you are in the bedroom for a long time.

Choose the same timber for the wall and headboard. It can make the look of the room become harmonious. Expand the natural brown color of the room for added warmth. You can use a rattan pendant lamp that is hung right in the middle of the bed. Also, choose a wooden bedside table to put the plant. Right under the mattress, you can roll out a light brown rug that can emphasize the warmth in the bedroom.

2. Brown Japandi Interior Shades

japandi living room design
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Choosing ivory white as the main color is an effective way to create a room with a softer impression. Also, it is easier for you to make the room feel warm and calm. You only need to play on the shade brown. Starting from choosing furniture made of rattan and wood. The wooden round coffee table is great for the Japandi living room design. There is also a rattan chair with a minimalist design that attracts attention.

The walls are left plain without any hanging paintings or pictures. There is a texture from the timber. Timber installed vertically gives the illusion of taller walls and makes the room feel wider.

Plants are chosen as decorations to create a bit of a fresh impression. A simple green plant looks beautiful decorating the coffee table area. Meanwhile, right beside the sofa, there are brown dried plants that blend with the interior concept of the living room.

3. Small Japandi Living Room Design

smal japandi interior design
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With ivory white color and maximum natural lighting, the look of the small living room becomes bright and soft. The gray sofa creates a natural look in the room. The minimalist living room furniture design brings serenity to both appearance and ambiance.

Even so, the room still feels warm from the presence of wood materials on the floor, window frames, and coffee table. The texture and color of the wood become more alive due to natural light which is the main lighting in this room.

Plants are a decoration for this small living room. Several sizes of plants make it look so attractive. The natural green color in several spots gives freshness to this serene Japandi living room design perfectly.

4. Sleek Japandi Dining Room Design

japandi dining room design
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With the application of a minimalist concept, the dining room has perfect serenity. The walls are painted beige to give the room a shadier look. That way, the atmosphere created in this room is calm and warm. Even so, the room is still made bright by keeping the ceiling white and installing large windows. This really helps to prevent the room from getting cramped and stuffy.

The minimalist dining table and bench have very attractive curved lines. It covers the stiff lines in the room so that the appearance of the room becomes softer. A small plant on the dining table is a simple decoration that gives freshness and makes the dining room feel more comfortable and alive.

5. Warm and Fresh Japandi Kitchen Design

fresh japandi interior design
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Wood material with a smoother surface turns the look of the kitchen into contemporary, soft, and sleek. Moreover, the natural light that enters freely through the window makes the color and texture of the wood itself visible very clearly.

You can keep the warmth and calm in the room by choosing a soft white color. No need to overly decorate it. Try to use kitchen stuff such as utensils, cutting boards, plates, and bowls as displays for the kitchen.

6. Low-Profile Furniture

low profile furniture
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In fact, bringing the Japanese concept into your home interior can be fairly easy and simple. You only need to use low-profile furniture with a minimalist design like the picture above.

The low-profile furniture makes the walls appear taller. This is very good for a small room because it can make it feel bigger. This method is also an effective way to avoid a small room feeling cramped or stuffy.

Choose neutral colors like gray and white. Bring warmth by using more fabrics in the room. Also, make wood the predominant material. If you want to bring a more natural feel, place a large plant in the corner of the room.

7. Calm and Fresh Japandi Home Office Design

japandi home office design
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Wood is the dominant material in this Japandi home office design. The simple concept makes this room feel very serene. The dominant white and brown colors bring warmth that can make you feel comfortable.

What’s interesting about this one idea is a small garden that is left open so that it blends with the home office. A big tree accompanied by other green plants brings another color to the room which helps to get rid of the stiff and boring impression. Also, from the garden, sunlight illuminates the home office to the fullest and makes the appearance of the room bright.

8. Get Freshness and Calm at Once

best japandi interior design
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White color is made more consistent than other colors. Can be seen from the ceiling, walls, doors, and bedding. So, to keep the room naturally bright but not dazzling, the windows are covered with bamboo blinds. That way, the light that enters through the window is more controlled.

The decoration in the room is done very minimally. There is only a small round mirror hanging on the wall with a small plant beside it. And also, there is a large plant that fills the empty corner of the room. By making plants as decorations, the atmosphere is not only calm but also fresh.

9. Quiet Workspace in The Bedroom

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If there is an empty space in your bedroom, use it as a workspace. This is an interesting idea that you can try. Instead of using a table with legs, you can choose a floating table. This not only maintains the minimalist look of the Japandi interior design but also makes the room feel less cramped.

Let the workspace keep simple with only a small plant and a small globe lamp. For storing your books, you can install two floating wall shelves vertically.

10. Large Plants Present Full Freshness

large plants
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For the Japandi interior design, the decoration chosen should not be far from nature. And, a plant is the most appropriate and easy decoration for you to find. Plants can bring a freshness that can add to the comfort of the room. Choose plants of a different type. Different shapes and leaves can add color and appearance to a room.

If you want to keep the look of your room minimalist and simple, then choose large, small plants. Place them in the room corners. Choose a spot exposed to direct sunlight. That way, plants can still live well in the bedroom.

11. Japandi Wallpaper for The Living Room

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Remove the displays on the walls if you want to make the room full of serenity. Keep it simple and minimalist. However, that does not mean you do not give interesting touches or decorations at all. There are many ways that can add to the beauty of the room besides using wall displays. As in this one idea that uses wallpaper for the living room.

Japandi wallpaper is great for the Japandi living room design. There are patterns that are made abstract so as to produce a very attractive appearance in the room. Wallpaper has the color and texture of real wood. Bring warmth and emphasize the serenity in the living room.

12. Natural Elements Fill The Large Living Room

natural living room
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This large living room looks minimalist but does not feel empty. In order to make the Japandi interior design present well in the living room, wood material is made more dominant. Light wood with a finely textured surface is applied to furniture, walls, and ceilings. It presents a little contemporary look into the room and makes it manage to look different.

The concrete wall in the fireplace area is the hallmark of this room. The impression given is more natural and a little cold. However, due to the consistently applied wood material and maximum natural lighting, the warm ambiance remains dominant in this room.

13. Japanese Painting Hang Beautifully on The Wall

japanese painting
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Japanese-style painting is very suitable to decorate the Japandi living room design. By hanging it on the wall right behind the sofa, it looks stand out in the room. Besides that, the blank wall painted white is also a supporting factor that makes this painting look clearer in the room.

It is okay if you want to hang the painting directly on the wall. However, if you want to make it more interesting, you can use frames with thin lists. This can separate the colors on the painting as well as the walls.

14. Japandi Bathroom Design

japandi bathroom design
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Implementing Japandi interior design for your bathroom is an alternative way of creating a cozy bathroom. With the predominant wood material, the ambiance of the bathroom can turn warm. In addition, neutral colors also affect the atmosphere in the bathroom. It makes the bathroom become natural and calm.

Decorating the corner of the room with hanging plants can bring freshness without taking up the space in the room. So, the bathroom can feel spacious. You can hang the plant in the vanity area because this is the main spot in the bathroom.

If right beside your bathroom there is a private garden, use it to add freshness and comfort to the room. Install a glass facade to reveal your beautiful private garden.

15. Relax Yourself in The Corner of The Room

reading nook
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Never waste a corner of the room. You can make this one spot a comfortable and relaxing place to relax. Suitable for you to relax after tired of working. Here, you can put a cozy chair facing the window. You can rest yourself while enjoying the outdoors.

Bring a little freshness there by placing a large plant in the right corner of the room. Also, make this plant a decoration that can increase the value of the beauty of the corner of the room by choosing an attractive minimalist design pot. And, right next to the chair, put a small coffee table and put the table lamp there. Choose yellow lighting to add warmth and serenity to the corner of the room.

16. Elegant Japandi Living Room Design

elegant japandi living room design
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The Japandi interior design can also make you look elegant. Take advantage of the high walls in the room. Make the walls appear taller by choosing low-profile living room furniture. Also, a legless sofa is the best. Keep the walls plain to make them look taller. However, if you want to bring some interesting there, you can hang a simple picture there. Avoid using chandeliers or pendant lamps in the room and switch to floor lamps, wall lamps, or table lamps.

Minimalist and wooden design furniture with smooth and glossy surfaces creates a bit of a contemporary look and also makes this large room look elegant. A soft white rug creates a spacious illusion for this room. The room also feels more spacious due to the maximum lighting from the large window that is left without any decoration.

17. Indoor Garden Under The Stairs

indoor garden
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Take advantage of the area under the stairs as an indoor garden. This can be an area that can radiate freshness to your home interior.

Due to limited space, keep the indoor garden simple and minimalist. That way, this will not interfere with the beauty or concept of the interior of the house. Use short plants and a small tree. You can use white stone for this garden so it can look clean.

A large window is enough to illuminate this garden during the day. However, for the night, use two pendant lamps that are installed at different heights. This way becomes a decoration that can make the garden look prettier, especially at night

18. Minimalist but Seems Pretty

minimalist dining room
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Create a small dining room in your small house. Use a round dining table that does not take up a lot of space. The minimalist dining table and dining chairs make it look simpler. Keep it minimalist by adding a small plant in the middle of the table. Also, provide additional items in the form of floor lamps. It not only becomes an item that enhances the small dining room but also a decoration that emphasizes the aesthetic value of the room.

The window area is covered with a sheer curtain so that the light entering the room can be controlled. It is a very good way to maintain calm in the dining room but keep it looking bright and alive.

19. Wooden Partition Show Tatami Space

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Eliminate walls or doors for the tatami room. You can apply the open-plan concept here so that your house can feel more spacious. However, still provide a visual barrier between the tatami room and other rooms. You can use a wooden floor for the tatami room. For the partition, you can choose timber or wooden partition which has small holes that can show the tatami rooms from other rooms. Take advantage of this partition as a decoration to make your home’s interior look attractive by installing it in a third or a quarter of the tatami area.

20. Cozy Dining Room with Sofa In The Corner

cozy dining room
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The next of 23 Serene Japandi Interior Design Ideas You Will Love is a cozy dining room with a sofa in the corner of it. With a sofa, you can not only use the dining room as a place to eat food. Take advantage of the serenity created by Japandi interior design to relax yourself and your mind. And, with a sofa, you can relax very comfortably for a longer time.

Avoid excessive lighting by installing blinds on the windows. For walls, leave them blank without decorations. Or, you can also stick a sticker as an interesting touch there.

21. Bookshelves Enhance The Room

japandi decoration
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Forget your desire to keep books in boxes or warehouses. From now on, take advantage of your precious books as decoration to enhance your Japandi living room design.

Create floating bookshelves along the living room wall. Put the books neatly there. You can also place some displays such as pictures, small jugs, statues, action figures, etc which can add aesthetic value to the living room. Please do not fill the bookshelves completely. Keep giving it a cavity so it does not seem messy and tight.

22. Ivory White and Concrete Make It Looks Neutral

neutral room
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Concrete is usually applied in industrial design. However, because it looks natural, you can also bring concrete to the Japandi interior design. As in this one idea that makes a concrete wall for the living room. The natural gray of the concrete blends well with the white and ivory and works together to make the room look neutral.

It looks so natural with natural light coming in through the window. Also, there is a simple large plant right in the corner of an empty room that fills the room and also adds a beautiful and aesthetic look.

23. Make Shelves as Partition

room partition
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The open-plan concept is one way to make a home’s interior feel wider. The disappearance of the walls makes the rooms stay together. However, that does not mean you do not provide a barrier that still limits between rooms. You can provide a visual barrier by using a different rug or pendant lamp. Or, you can also use partitions where one room is still visible from other rooms.

This one idea uses bookshelves as a partition between the living room and dining room. This partition is made minimalist by only being filled with a few books and items. There is a lot of space that can show the dining area very well from the living room.

Final Words

Japandi interior design uses wood material predominately. Combining wood with neutral colors brings warmth and serenity that can make home interiors feel comfortable. And also, the minimalist concept is the main thing in this design. That way, tranquility can be perfectly present in the room. Besides that, this design also uses plants as natural decorations where plants bring freshness and also make the room feel more alive.