5 Hacks – Cheapest Way To Remodel A Bathroom


Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom and are on the hunt for some nice and cheap ideas? Now you can have bathroom renovations with some basic tricks and hacks, such as swapping out your bathroom blinds and curtains as well as making changes to your other accessories, installing a vinyl floor, or even renovating existing amenities. Here we have listed some of the best tricks that you can use for bathroom renovations.


With vinyl bathroom floors, all you have to do is glue the tiles onto the old ceramic, and this way you will get new and modern looking flooring. The finishes can have the appearance of wood, marble, or hydraulic tiles, among others. Another idea is to put a tiled coating on top of the tiles.


If you also want to renovate bathroom tiles, vinyl siding is your best friend again because, in addition to its great variety of designs, it stoically resists humidity. For those looking for another finish, with the special tile paint, they can achieve a radical change of the room in just some moments


Do you have the washing machine in the bathroom? Do you want to make a mini washing area? You just need to add a couple of nice baskets for dirty clothes, so you can separate the clothes by color. You can place a wooden, synthetic, or marble countertop on the washing machine, and it will feel as if everything is tidy and clean.


They are the easiest to change, and they have a great weight in the appearance of the interior. You can do bathroom renovations by renewing bathroom accessories, such as the towel rails, the soap holders, the toilet brush, the shower mat, the wastebasket, the toilet roll holder, and the mirror from above the sink. You can achieve harmony in design as wellas visual amplitude.


Half-empty cans from hotels, old combs, creams that you have not used for years take all this out of sight and the appearance of the bathroom will improve dramatically. Throw away what you don’t need, and store the rest in containers and shelves. Of course, choose a design that is as same as everything else, combines with the rest of the decoration and is practical.

The Windows

If you have a window, then you can add to your list of ideas to remodel the bathroom by replacing the curtains with a more modern option. Among the alternatives, shuffle the roller blinds in technical fabric, which resist humidity very well, or an opaque blind, for greater privacy.

The lighting

It combines different types of lighting to create the perfect environment. A modern overhead light that works as a general light, functional spotlights at mirror height for when you need to direct the light in the bathroom, and ideal ambient lighting to accompany while you take a bath.


Save a little more on the reform of the bathroom and recycle the furniture you already have to make the sink cabinet. An antique dresser, chest of drawers, or table can serve as your countertop. You only need to make the necessary perforations for the water system, and the result will be an original, unique, and economical design.