DIY Home Decor Projects That Will Refresh Your Space


Are you constantly feeling the need to change the look of your room, but at a loss for ideas? Don’t worry; redecorating can be easy and a lot of fun if you have an imagination.

Home decor can be a true refresher for any room, no matter the size or location. It can also be a form of therapy, especially when you take the time to make decorations on your own.
With DIY decor becoming more and more popular, there are tons of ideas out on the web for you to try; we hope to give you some ideas that will make your room feel brand-new.

The world is constantly changing, and so are you; there are few things more exciting than redecorating your room to reflect this!

What are some do it yourself projects for home decor?

Depending on which room you want to decorate, a search on Pinterest will give you all the ideas that you need. Humans are creative creatures by nature, and we can make something remarkable out of scratch.

Here are some of our favorite projects for you to start with.

If you’re redecorating a bedroom, comfort is the key word. Memories and feelings of happiness go hand-in-hand with comfort. Collages for the wall are a great way to gather your most precious memories so that you can gaze at them as you drift off to sleep.
How you decorate your room depends much on your personality. If you love nature, you can create DIY butterflies with paper mache and use them to brighten up your wall. These butterflies will give your room springtime vibes, even if you’re in the middle of winter. Combined with soft strings of lights, you’re guaranteed to have pleasant dreams.

If you’re redecorating a kitchen, frame your favorite recipes in colorful photo frames; that way, you will always know what to make for dinner time.

How do you decorate a room that has handmade things?

If your room already has handmade things, such as artisan pottery or paintings, then you can shift the focus to these objects by going for minimalism. Select neutral colors for your walls and furniture; that way, guests coming in will first spot the painting on the wall, sparking a great topic of conversation.
You might want to put all of your precious handmade things in one place, especially if they were passed down, such as a sketch by your grandmother. Frame things such as this and set up clear shelves. It will create the pleasant sensation that the heirlooms are floating, and the colors used will pop.

Go easy on the throw pillows; you want people to pay attention to the memoirs on display, not struggle to find a comfortable spot on your couch.

How can I redesign my room without spending money?

Some websites seem to think that to redesign your room, you need to spend a lot of money. It can be discouraging to think that you wouldn’t be able to add a splash of color without ruining your budget.
This is simply not true. It is possible to redesign your room without spending a cent. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t stick to one style for long, it might be the best choice; instead of continually buying new decorations, you’ll be recreating your living space from things that might otherwise be tossed out.

It’s always nice to have good stories surrounding you; find a discarded newspaper at a coffee shop and cut out the headlines that make you feel hopeful or glad. Ask friends to write positive notes or donate their used magazines. For a splash of color, hang old necklaces on the wall; the colored beads will certainly be pleasing to the eye.

How do you make cute room decorations?

In the do-it-yourself world, there is always something you can make by hand. We mentioned the butterflies earlier, but you don’t have to limit your wall to butterflies; print out animal shapes and create the illusion that you are in a zoo.
Invite friends over and ask them to help make art. Using a canvas or large piece of paper, combine your creativity to create a masterpiece representing your close bond. You can frame it and keep it as a reminder that, in the toughest of times, you are not alone.

Find an old book and make black-out poetry, pasting abstract verses all over your room. It will give the book a new life when it might otherwise not have been noticed again.
Find a skirt that doesn’t fit anymore and create a tapestry if you want texture on your wall. It will give the skirt a new life, as well as the wall itself.


Expensive decorations are nice, but we are constantly changing, and our living space changes with us. Unless you have plenty of savings, the constant purchasing of new home decor is bound to become a burden. Instead, you can get creative and make the decor yourself.
Soon, the room in which you sleep will seem like a new place, just like you are continually morphing into a new person.

If you have a lot of wires to deal with, be sure to choose the safe option and put them away. Try something like this to clear the space on your floor so that you or your visitors will not become injured.