10 Tips For Keeping A Small Room Organized


Picture this. You had a long and tiring day at work. You come home exhausted, wishing for nothing but a peaceful night in your bed while watching Netflix and eating Chinese takeout. Sounds like the perfect plan to relax your body and mind. However, all your goals go out of the window because your room looks like an annoying, unorganized mess. Terrible, right?

Your bedroom, after all, is the place to unwind all your stress at the end of the day. So ensure to organize your small room to keep it neat and clean. Are you wondering where to start or what steps to take to organize your space? No worries. Read on below to learn some simple yet effective tips to get a well-organized room:

  1. Declutter

Let’s face it; all your efforts to keep your small room organized will fall by the wayside if you aren’t paying attention to clutter. Since, usually, Chinese homes are relatively smaller in size, having too much clutter will make your space look untidy and disorganized. Thus, look around your room and sort out things you don’t need anymore. You can either sell or donate them. Also, there might be some possessions you need to keep with you as you might need them in the future. Thus, you can rent mini storage to store your precious possessions in a safe and clean space. The good part about this storage is they are accessible to you 24/7

  1. The less, the better

While you might have felt impressed with the lovely picture of a luxury bedroom in a recent magazine having a classic vanity table, polished armoire, and a plush sofa. You might even consider turning your room similar to the picture you saw. However, having more furniture in a small room will only make your space look more cramped. Therefore, one way to keep your room organized is by practicing a minimalist approach to decor. Only keep the furniture you absolutely need to make your space comfortable and functional.

  1. Keep the nightstand free

Answer this. How many things have you piled on the top of your nightstand? If the answer is a lot, you might need to reconsider your decision. While putting something on the nightstand might seem convenient, you can’t deny that too much clutter on the nightstand will make your room look messier. A good practice is to keep minimum items on your nightstand – not more than two or three. 

  1. Avoid leaving food

If you eat food while lying on your bed, clean it as soon as you finish eating. Most people have a habit of eating food while watching TV on their beds. Dirty dishes or food in the room will surely attract flies and bugs. That doesn’t seem attractive to anyone, right? Moreover, your room will have a bad smell if the leftover food or dirty bowls remain in your room for more days. So instead, leave your dishes and leftovers in the kitchen after feasting.

  1. Put away your shoes

Do you have a habit of flinging your shoes once you enter your room and leaving them there until you need to wear them again? Instead of doing so, designate a spot where you can put away your shoes. For example, you can purchase a shoe rack or put them in your closet. In this manner, your vacuum cleaning will be a lot easier and quicker.

  1. Sort out your clothes

Nothing makes a room disorganized than the clothes lying everywhere – in the bed, on the floor, etc. So, separate your clean clothes from dirty ones. Then, fold your clothes properly before putting them in the closet. Finally, try to organize your clothes in a way that the ones you wear most are easier to access.

  1. Make your bed every morning

Remember when your parents scolded you for not making your bed every morning in your childhood? Well, they were trying to teach you to stay organized since you were a kid. Since your bed takes up the most space in your room, keep it tidy for a cleaner appearance. You need not more than five minutes to set your bed. Thus, fluff your pillows, fold your comforter and pull the covers up before going out of your room.

  1. Purchase multipurpose furniture

If you spend a fortune purchasing furniture, why not do it more smartly? Thus, buy multipurpose items. After all, when you have a small room, you need to think more carefully about which object would suit your space. For instance, you can look for a murphy bed you can fold away when not sleeping, or you can go for an ottoman. Moreover, do you have a desk in your room? Then, put a mirror behind it to make it your vanity table. 

  1. Look for hidden storage space

You don’t necessarily have to put away your items in a cabinet. Instead, you can look for hidden storage space and take advantage of them. For instance, use some space under your bed if your bed allows. You can fill baskets with off-season clothes and shoes and put them under your bed. Don’t forget the space behind your door. You can get the most of this hidden space by putting your scarves, jewelry, coats, etc.

  1. Organize your drawers

Most people often miss this tip when on the mission to keep their room tidy and organized. Keeping the dresser organized can help you significantly. Your items won’t fall out of the dresser, and you won’t feel tempted to leave your clothes on the floor. So make use of leftover cardboard from boxes to make your drawer dividers. If you aren’t tight on budget, you can also search for cheap drawer dividers that best suit your drawer. 


You certainly don’t wish to spend all your night sleeping in an untidy and cluttered room. That is why organizing your small space is essential. And while you might feel difficulty keeping your room organized due to space constraints. A little creativity can make a huge difference and help you out. Don’t worry if you can’t implement all these tips at once. Take your time and start with one easy tip. Every little bit you do will help you later on.