Choosing the Right Patio Doors for Your Home


The patio doors improve the surrounding environment of the roof significantly by offering more brightness, better air quality and an attractive path to the external decks and patios. In fact, patio doors offer an appealing architectural touch that will maximize the value of the property by improved functionality, long-lasting promises that energy savings.

It’s not a smart idea to forget what kind of door you want for your patio, because it’s just as critical as any other door in your house. There are many different door types from a sliding glass door to a rotating patio panel.

At Capital windows Ottawa, we want to help you decide what fits best to fulfil your requirements and suit your tastes. So after you make your choice, we’ll always have it built at the most reasonable rates using only the best quality products.

How to choose a patio door

Step 1: Choose the style of the patio door that best fits your home.

  • Sliding Patio doors- A great space-saving alternative, sliding patio doors showcase styling and extreme features. Sliding glass doors generate a flawless transformation from indoor to outdoor, and if you have a vinyl sliding door, it will involve little or no maintenance. The enlarged glass area provides an unparalleled amount of natural light to fill your living area, helping to create a warm and cozy environment, no matter the time of year.
  • Swinging Patio doors– Available in centre-hinged, patio and French door models, revolving patio doors provide a touch of sophistication. French patio doors both shake, while the middle and garden door models have one set frame.

Step 2- Decide which patio door material is ideally suitable to your house.

  • Vinyl Patio Doors– Vinyl patio doors are designed to last for years ahead and stand up against severe weather conditions in your city. Vinyl is cheaper than woods and fiberglass, which it has the energy saving advantages that wood and fiberglass provide. Vinyl patio doors are also available in a wide range of colours to choose from, such as wood grain laminate, which is made to resemble real
  • Wood Patio doors– Wood doors have a sleek appearance and can be personalized to whatever paint or colour you choose. Even so, they are typically more costly than most fabrics and need more work to make them look flawless season after season.
  • Fibre glass Patio doors– Fiberglass needs minimal to no care, can withstand natural conditions and can be personalized to fit seamlessly with the architecture of your house. Despite its costs, though, the price is higher. Fiberglass is the most costly material for the patio screen.
  • Aluminium Patio doors- Aluminium is one of the easiest products to pick from, but it still has its downsides. Since it is lightweight, aluminium seems unable to maintain heat or hold cold air inside as effectively as any other product. Therefore, with aluminium doors, you should expect the energy costs to increase. We can crack or scrape more quickly, too.

Step 3- Select personalized patio door designs to demonstrate your look.

Frame and fit

The components the door is made of will influence the loss of heat. Since most patio doors have large glass segments and glass is an insufficient isolator, the kind of glass frame can reduce heat transfer.

Aluminium, fiberglass or wood covering are the most potent doors.

Right match can also have a beneficial impact on energy savings. Be sure that the door closes securely to all parts of the jamb. If not, test the bends in the door and repair, if required.

Weather stripping 

Airflow can contribute for as much as 30 % to 40% of a household’s energy loss. Weather stripping covers holes around doors and prevents heat and air conditioning leakage from home. Several wetter stripping product lines, including rubber, silicone, felt, plastic and magnetic, are used to close doors gaps.

Defective weather stripping can significantly improve energy losses around the house. Test the weather stripping every year and repair it as required.


As patio doors are usually on the rear of a home or side with less street access, increased protection should be ensured by checking that the hinged and sliding doors are equipped with dual locking mechanisms.

Gliding doors that can be removed by installing bolts into the door or attaching a safety bar to a locking tool will help shield them from their frames.

Step 4 – Find a Professional near you

If you are looking to add or remove a patio door, reach no further than our team here at Capital Windows Ottawa. We have several ways to make sure you have the best patio door for your building. You will also be able to select the interior colour, the exterior paint, the panels, the fixtures, the glass sets, the grids and the foot bolts. We would like to help you pick the right model for you.