How Much Do Glass Deck Raillings Cost?

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While those home magazines and television shows will put a great emphasis on kitchens and bathrooms as features that prospective home-buyers really want, the truth is that people expect much more out of a home in this day and age. They’re looking for homes that have garages, finished basements, and also attractive decks. Whether a home-buyer seeking out a house or a long-time homeowner, you might be ready to take that step to find a good deck. Decks provide a lot of outdoor living options, from allowing you to build outdoor kitchens and grilling spaces to just creating quiet, cozy corners of your own little world where you can relax and watch the sunset. Having a deck is a great feature of a modern home.

Though, to be clear, a deck is often only as good as its railing. The most popular type today would be glass deck railings, and with good reason. You can check out locations like to see just how fantastic these deck railing options look when installed. Clear, bright, and able to match any sort of décor, this is the go-to option for so many people today who want to build new decks or just replace their existing railing. But how much does something like this cost? Let’s have a more detailed look at the pricing involved below.

Factors That Go Into Deck Railing Pricing

On average, you can expect to spend a few thousand dollars on new deck railings made of glass. It’s a high-end option, to be sure, though it doesn’t cost nearly as much as one might think. However, this is just an average based on how the market operates. For specifics, the price you pay will depend on a few different factors.

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1: The Company You Shop Them From

The first factor to consider here is the company you choose to do your business with. Believe it or not, the best companies out there are actually going to charge you less. It might seem counter-intuitive on its face, but that’s because good companies are after good branding and repeat business, and they’re highly competitive when it comes to pricing. Shoddy companies just want to squeeze a buck out of you. So you will actually be saving money on your overall price tag by choosing the right company.

2: The Quality of the Product

Another factor to consider is the actual quality of the glass deck railings. While cheaper products are available for a lower price, that’s only an initial expense. Cheaper products are also going to chip away and break easier, leaving you with repair and replacement expenses that you weren’t prepared to pay. So it always pays to go with quality.

3: The Amount of the Product (Size of the Deck)

How large is your deck? The larger your deck is, the more railings you will have to purchase. This is obviously going to be a determining factor in the overall cost, as smaller and mid-sized decks will be a lot cheaper to do than larger decks. So you may want to think about the layout of your platform and what those rails need to cover.

4: Shipping and Installation

The farther a company has to travel, the more you will have to pay. This is why it always pays to shop locally for your deck railing needs. This also goes for the installation. Like with the example above, the more work a company has to do, the higher your price tag is going to be. Just keep this in mind when shopping for your railings.

5: Custom Jobs

Lastly, you might drive up the price quite a bit if you require custom-fit railings. The company will have to make custom pieces per your specifications, which may end up being quite a lot more than just buying the pre-fab varieties that are readily available.

Prices fluctuate based on all sorts of different factors. Your deck is going to be personal to you, and so what John and Jane Q paid for their deck railings next door may not have anything to do with what yours will cost. This is why finding the right company to shop with is the first step you should take.