How to Find and Fixed Blocked Drains


When you consider the number of plumbing issues that could burden you, Blocked drains Brisbane are the most common. Such scenarios can be frustrating if all you need to do when you come home is to take a relaxing bath. Still, you can’t because of the stench emanating from the drainage. Blocked drains can result from unfiltered food particles, leaves, female hygiene products, or even simple hair conditioner.

In most cases, you may not have to ask a plumber to unblock the drain for you, and a simple DIY will get the job done fast. If you’re unsure whether your drainage system is blocked, some tell-tale signs you need to look out for include:

  • Gurgling sounds from the pipeage
  • Bad smell that’s similar to sewage
  • Poor overflow an
  • Poor drainage

Here are some easy ways that could help you to unblock your drainage system easily.

  • Hot Boiling Water

If you’re sure that the blockage isn’t severe and is only caused by light items such as tissue paper, oil, or bathroom essentials like conditioner, hot water will do the job. In fact, hot water is the first thing you should use when trying to unblock your drainage. Once you’ve poured boiling water down the drain, ensure you pour in a cup of vinegar, salt, and one bicarbonate of soda.

The best thing about using natural products is that they aren’t likely to cause corrosion to your pipes. Additionally, they’ll help to get rid of the unpleasant smells that come with blocked drainages.

  • Use A Plunger

There isn’t a house that doesn’t have a plunger. These tools are simple but very useful when it comes to doing the job right. When you use them, you allow them to introduce a force into the drain that forces the clog to clear.

For the best results, ensure that you seal the overflow with a damp clothe that’ll seal the drain while providing the best possible pressure. If you’re working on a double sink, do the same for it. This is one of the most successful methods of unblocking your drainage.

  • Hire A Plumber

If your drain is clogged and nothing you do clears it up, you’ve got to call your plumber. They might show up with the Plumber’s snake that’ll unblock most things.

If you do come into contact with the drainage fluid, ensure that you sanitize properly to avoid infecting yourself or displeasing situations when amongst other people.

  • Use Chemicals

Just a word of caution: before you use any toxic chemicals, you have to be aware of how harmful they may be and protect yourself appropriately. Put on gloves before you use them and make sure the room is well aerated.

Chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, and Drain-O have been used to unclog particularly stubborn drainages. Follow the instructions on the packages for the best results. Additionally, you want to ensure that you don’t pour hot water down the drain after pouring these chemicals in as they can explode.