How to Make Up Your Bedroom


Your bedroom should always be neat and well organized. This is achievable by proper planning and the creation of enough space for relaxation and recharging. Here are some tips by that will aid in bedroom arrangement and organization.

Always plan out your attack

Plan to save on time and prepare everything that you will need. Do not waste time looking for where to store things as you start cleaning; you will drain your efforts. Prepare a bag or a box where you will store all the things that you will not be needing and a bin to discard the wastes and non-useful things. The items you will be needing will be placed where they belong, either on shelves, closet or in drawers. You can also buy storage containers if you don’t have enough.

Sweeping swiftly

Sweeping helps to get rid of the loose dirt. Dispose off the trash in a garbage bag and also collect the dirty clothes and take them to the laundry for proper cleaning. Spread the remaining items on your bed as it will act as a clearing station.

Sticking to an organization system

Organize the things step by step. For instance, pick one area and put its contents on the bed. When done, go to the next section and do the same. Discard those that are not important and store the important. Work quickly and methodically.

Cleaning the closet

Go through all your clothing items. Separate those that fit well and discard those that you have overgrown. Have proper hangers for all your clothing, whether skirts, scarfs, ties, and others. Drawers should are for the storage of socks and undies while hooks should are for purses and hats. If there is limited space, use boxes to store the remaining clothes.

Finding hidden storage space

This may be the open area in the room and closet. Find storage solutions that can transform the space into storage areas. If there is space, you can also fix shelves and other storage boxes.

Getting rid of the old things

Old things are those that are no longer in use. Some may just be filling the storage space and making the room look untidy. This may include toiletries, cosmetics, and empty cans. You can keep them in a basket or discard them in a trash.

 The door space

You can place hooks on the door for hanging your bathrobe or the items that you will need urgently in the morning to avoid the morning rush like your outfit, scarf, and hat. You can also hang small bags that you may use for storing items like chargers.

Keeping up with the clutter

It means working fast to use the least time possible to complete organizing the room. Make sure that the place remains as neat as you have kept it to avoid going back to the old way.


Strive hard to keep your bedroom neat and well organized. By doing so, you will be saving on time and will also know where each item is; hence will not waste so much time going through everything while just looking for a single thing.