7 Features that make the Urban Defender the Best Whole House Water Filter


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Ironically even the most developed countries on the globe are not bereft of the issues perpetrating due to contaminated water. According to the CDC, in the US, public water system outbreaks have been observed in the past, which led to the incidence of Giardia, Norovirus, Copper, Hepatitis A, and other similar conditions in the country.

Plus, it is not like we have a substitute for water. Water is a vital source for the body’s overall development. Even though water is the key to good health, we seem to ignore that contaminated water will only reverse all the good that you have been to improve your health’s status. Even with the state-of-the-art water filters installed in our homes, we are not shielded from water contamination. Therefore, we need a water revitalizer.

The water composition also has a regional distribution in the country. The composition of water might be different in Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, and so on. Such a kind of problem requires an improvised solution amid better water treatment solutions.

Introducing Urban Defender, a customizable best whole house water filter by cleanairpurewater.com for every household in America. Designed and developed by Ecologist James P McMohan, this system is the best system for every American household, let’s know why.

Top Features of Urban Defender

  1. A Downflow System: Water purifies in a downflow system by coming in contact with the media repeatedly. The flow system comprises a varied flow system. Higher flow means lesser purification and vice versa. Plus, the flow system also depends on water usage at your house. If you think that you will use water for multiple uses simultaneously, go for a more extensive water flow system. The Urban Defender can handle a water flow of 4 to 6 gallons per minute.

Added to this, this system is equipped with KDF Media that boasts a fusion of zinc and copper granules to augment the filtration capacity.

  1. Backwash Reshuffles: The second significant benefit of using the Urban Defender is its ability to filter the water with a backwash system. Two unique aspects are associated with this functionality.
  • The filtration media installed reshuffles this exposing new area for a magnified filtration.
  • Due to this, there is an additional removal of the contaminants from the water, making it conducive to drink and use for other purposes.
  1. Chloramine or Chlorine: One of the main constituents of water that needs to be removed effectively is chlorine. Further, there are various byproducts of chlorine that are also carcinogenic. Other than this, some city water treatment uses chloramine to decontaminate the water. Best whole house water filter can easily help you remove chlorine from the water, making it safe for drinking.

Other water filters can only defend you by partially removing chlorine, and they cannot remove chloramine. Urban Defender gives you a choice to either opt for Chlorine and Chloramine removal systems.

  • The city water is treated with chlorine, so you must opt for Granular Activated Carbon or GAC.
  • Further, for water supply with chloramine, opt for a Catalytic Carbon filtration system.
  1. More Contact Time: Since we have already established that a higher flow rate is an inappropriate method for water filtration. Fortunately, with Urban Defender, the flow rate is limited to 10 GPM or gallons per minute. No Urban Defender filtration system can work with a higher flow rate than this. This ensures that water is aptly filtered by giving it enough time to come in contact with the media. For an average family in America, the two cubic feet Urban Defender System will be a great asset and a long term investment for a healthy future.
  2. Bigger System for Bigger Houses: Bigger American houses require a more comprehensive and fast operating water filtration system. Urban Defender is also available in bigger working models to facilitate the adept removal of contaminants from the water and make it worthy of drinking.
  3. Replaceable Media: Unlike other filtrations models that advertise themselves as the panacea for all sorts of water filtration activities, Urban Defender faces the truth. No filtration media can be used for eternity. After some time, they reach satiety, and their water filtration ability becomes redundant.

The best whole house water filter accepts the fact that the filtration media will wear out and has to be replaced. So, you can ask for a replacement of the media without changing the whole system under an hour, saving money.

  1. NSF Certification: There are several sorts of certifications provided by the NSF to the water filtration companies. However, as a customer, you might not know or pay less attention to what these certifications imply.

Simply put, any water filtration company that has a methodology to remove 50% of the chloramine from the tested water can get an NSF certification. In addition to this, the best whole house water filters have a certification to attenuate or remove taste and odor coming from the water, and that’s it.

Urban Defender has got NSF 42 and 61 certification.

  • NSF 42 – This certification recognizes a system’s ability to reduce or remove the non-health-related contaminants from the water. This includes odor, taste, chlorine, and particulate matter from the water.
  • NSF 61 – This certification is the sole proprietor recognition that looks after the health effects of drinking water on the health of American Citizens. The basic premise of this certificate is to adjudicate the number of contaminants released from the parts and components of the system into the water.

Urban Defender All the Way

Urban Defender is one of the smartest, efficient, and user-friendly best whole house water filters that you can ever buy. The users who have been leveraging its adept filtration systems are super-satisfied with the quality and cleanliness of the water. Either you use it for drinking or any other household purpose, rest assured that the water you are using is without any contaminants that can harm the body, let alone spread a disease.