Want to Remodel Your Law? Take Care of These Challenges and Make it Easy


Owning a home is a privilege which only some people experience in their lives. Millions of people in the world are homeless, and hundreds of millions who never get to own a home. Tenants spend their lives dreaming of remodeling ideas, but they never come to pass since the landlords rarely allow renovations and remodeling in the house. For homeowners, adding to their home becomes a rite of passage once they have bought the property. Chances are, soon after they buy the home, they add in a personal touch to make the place more comfortable and radiant of their personality. It is interesting to see some of the unique additions which people make to their homes. It gives us a look into their nature through the styles and designs which they implement. One of the most common areas which people remodel is their lawn. Having a comfortable outdoor space can add a certain charm to your house. Especially here in Baton Rouge, where it’s always so humid, some fresh outdoor air can bring relief if you are cooped up in the house all day.

Here are some ideas and challenges which you might run into when remodeling your lawn.

The trees can get in your way

In our fight against global warming, plants are the primary weapon we have. We need to take care of the plants around us as much as possible to slow down the effects of climate change. However, there are times when trees can get in our way and become a hazard to us and the people around us. Though you might need to get rid of the tree altogether, there is an alternative solution.
Consider tree trimming in Baton Rouge LA as an alternative to cutting down the trees. They take care of branches that may be jutting out and manage the tree in a confined area as much as possible. Trimming is excellent for the tree as it promotes healthy growth and great for you because you don’t have to remove this living part of nature.

Watch out for snakes.

Depending on where you live in Baton Rouge, you need to be extremely careful about some things that may be living in your lawn. If you are looking to dig up the ground or create a boundary fence, you will probably have to get rid of some of the shrubbery surrounding the place. If you have been living in Louisiana, chances are you have encountered a handful of snakes in the past.
Things become a lot more complicated when you are remodeling your lawn because you never know what is hiding underground or in the bushes. Since the climate is relatively humid, snakes such as the Cottonmouth, Copperhead, and Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes are relatively common in yards. All three are incredibly venomous and located throughout Louisiana. Be very alert when you are remodeling and call in the professionals if you run into these venomous vipers.

Mosquitos and water

One of the most common additions to a lawn is a pond or fountain. Seeing water and watching it flow has a calming effect on our minds, hence the reason why so many people consider adding ponds. However, an issue arises when you have water in your backyard. Mosquitos can be an absolute terror if you don’t take care of them. Other than the itchy bites, you can also contract life-threatening viruses such as malaria and dengue fever.
The solution to this is simple. Mosquitos only settle on still water. Having flowing water is going to ensure that the mosquitoes don’t get a chance to breed. Consider adding a water pump to your pond to make sure that the water is flowing at all times. Besides, flowing water is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than still water anyway.

Waterlogged wood

Damp wood is a significant issue for people who have installed patios on their property. Once the wood absorbs the water, it’s going to inflate and rot before you know it. Not only is it going to smell extremely foul, but standing on it could become somewhat of a health hazard as it could cave beneath you.
To ensure that the patio wood you have installed doesn’t succumb to the elements, we recommend a few things you can consider when installing a patio. First of all, consider covering the platform with some tenting material. Tarp would be great for sunny afternoons where you want to be outside but don’t want to come back in with a sunburn. The other thing you can do is consider coating the patio wood with water-resistant lacquer to ensure that water doesn’t seep in and ruin things the way we just talked about.

Create fences to ward off prying eyes

If you are looking at adding something like a hot tub into your back yard, you might want to implement some privacy protocols before doing so. No one gets into a hot tub fully clothed; therefore, we advise you to ensure that the tub is away from the neighbor’s windows. Prying eyes can take advantage of low walls; consequently, you want to make sure that you have some way to block their line of sight. We mentioned it earlier, consider adding fences around your property. Having a tall wooden fence will be a great way to keep people from trespassing and ensuring that no one snoops around. A fence keeps peeping Toms away, intruders can’t make their way in, and even animals don’t have a chance to enter your property. Just make sure the walls are high enough to ensure that no one can see inside from over the top.


Here in Baton Rouge, things can become pretty complicated with the wildlife when you are looking to remodel your lawn. The bayous are just south of the city. Meaning that the chances of running into some of the local wildlife increases significantly depending on where you live. You need to watch out for snakes and caymans as if you live in an area known for them.
The wildlife shouldn’t stop you from remodeling the place to make it the house of your dreams. There are ways to work around it, and one of the best things to do is call in the professionals to do a sweep of the place. Enjoy your house and make it the dream home you always wanted.