Why Are Mortar And Concrete Important In Construction


Let’s Construct Our Understanding with Material

Beams, walls, flooring, panels and ceilings require some kind of foundation before they are built upon. Before you add paint on the wall, you need to build the wall right? What is it exactly you use to build a foundation when constructing a huge structure for accommodation? You use the most common material used in every construction project used around the world, cement.

The Compounds Of Cement

Ever heard of a bi-product? Like the secondary material produced from the manufacturing of the primary product. Like sugarcane, it has its bi-product which is molasses and bagasse, cement has its own compounds; mortar and concrete. Well not really bi-products. Material of the same family, serving the same purpose, which is construction.

Mutual Matter

As they both serve the same purpose of being used in construction, what is so unique about their material. They both are hard materials which are a product of sand, water and cement mixed together. And when they are processed into its final form, both do a good job in holding up things together for a long lasting time. They mold to hold.

Why The Demand?

You have probably seen food or gaming ads, but once in a while don’t you get surprised to see a concrete commercial? Do you know why? Suppliers who own concrete and mortar production plants are selling them in tons of quantity, branded, because construction is an activity which takes place around the clock globally.And there is no construction, if they don’t have the construction material in their trucks. In the rich Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Dubai, billions of dollars are spent on their vast infrastructure, so now you can imagine the money on spent on concrete and mortar to build those large buildings.

Signifying and Categorizing the Role Each Serve In Construction


Have you ever seen the Brooklyn Bridge or the Burj-Khalifa? Do you know the reason why they both are so enormous and strong in structure? It’s because of the strong foundation of concrete (also called “ ready-mix concrete”) used in them because of its strong bonded material, produced to withhold big structures for a long durable time. The demand for concrete additives has increased by 4 billion dollars in the USA in 2020. Strength and durability is what concrete offers, added by affordability. Trucks which go over bridges are made of the same material they are carrying in their containers, remember that.


There is nothing different about mortar, being a mixture of sand, water and cement, which carries the same role of durability and strength. The material which holds bricks, tiles and those steel beams together. It is the “glue” of construction which holds the brick walls of houses, and acts as the grout to ceramic tiles. It is a ready-made adhesive which holds things together from A to Z.

Why Is There A High Demand In Both Products?

The answer lies in the product itself. The material and the matter which serves the function of giving the smallest structures to the largest constructed bodies a chance to be durable and strong. Their cheap marketing compared to other material plays a big factor in their demand. Simple economics people.