How to Remove Sticky Dirt Easily From Hardwood Floors?


Hardwood floors are a hot favorite for installing warm, comfortable, and stylish floors of houses and commercial workplaces. They add particular warmth to the décor of a room. Hardwood floors come in different shades of warm wood brown. Cleaning this floor is also quite easy. However, if some sticky stubborn spills are made on this floor, getting them off sometime later can be a real challenge. Most experts like Bissell Carpet Cleaner claims that to begin with, you must try homemade and natural solutions to clean these sticky dirt patches from your hardwood floors.

Try white vinegar with warm water

Experts are of the opinion that natural cleaners and cleaning solutions often offer the best cleaning options for sticky dirt on hardwood floors. To begin with, you can mix white vinegar with warm water. Before using it you must sweep any loose debris in the area and remove all the dry dust from the spot. Then soak a soft cloth in the solution of water and vinegar and squeeze the extra solution from the cloth. Now you can use this cloth to clean the spill on the floor. Let the area dry through air naturally.

Buy chemical solutions with care

Often we get so carried away with the idea of cleaning spills that we do not spend enough time selecting chemical solutions with care. This is a huge mistake. If the chemical or the synthetic solution that you are using to clean your hardwood floor is not conducive for the material then it can leave behind ugly scars of scratches, discoloration, and even charring of the floor surface. Hence you must select chemicals that are friendly for hardwood floors. Apart from cleaning with the right kind of chemicals, it is equally imperative that you use the right amount or volume of the chemicals. Proper ratios of the chemical and water or other substances must be mixed before using or applying them on the floor. In case the ratio that is being mixed is incorrect it can harm the floor quality or final finish.

Points to bear in mind

At the time of cleaning sticky dirt from hardwood floors, certain other aspects other than the quality and the quantity of the cleaning solutions must be borne in mind. Let us take a look at them.

  • It has been suggested that warm water can be helpful to remove the sticky dirt patches. However, in this context, the temperature of the water is very important. You must take warm water where you can immerse your hand. Boiling water can damage the floor color and uppermost surface.
  • Apart from the cleaning chemical and the temperature of the water the nature or the quality of the cloth is very important. The cloth that you select to wipe the floor with must be soft and non-abrasive.
  • If the sticky dirt persists then instead of using the same dirty water you must change the water and add a fresh cleaning solution and begin your second round of cleaning.

If you feel that the dirt patch is particularly sticky and stubborn you can always keep it se=oaked in some water for sometime before applying any other solution.