Architectural Lighting: 9 Stunning Trends to Explore


Lighting is crucial for every aspect of architecture—it boosts usability, depth and warmth of every interior and exterior. Many lighting designers today are focusing not only on the design of the fixtures, but also pay attention to other benefits like well-being and comfort. The resulting shift brought us various beautiful lighting trends, so let’s take a look.


This is one of the biggest trends at the futuristic scene of today. Many people are dreaming of lighting systems that simulate natural light, but also track the position of the sun and providing users with adjustable lighting that adapts to the changing outdoor light. These innovative systems not only provide maximum comfort and wellbeing but also work together with the body’s circadian rhythm and result in better sleep and functioning.

Eco-friendly solutions

Sustainability has been huge in the past few years and there are no signs of stopping this beneficial trend. Green principles are also impacting lighting, introducing more automation, motion- and voice-activated features and solar-powered elements that make lighting eco-friendly. Programmable lighting is the way towards a greener and brighter future.

Human-centric lighting

While some buildings concentrate on the aesthetic aspect of lighting, others are focusing on people who need to spend time in those lit spaces. The trend of human-centric lighting is especially present in workspaces that require proper illumination depending on the task at hand. Thanks to amazing BUCK LED solutions for warehouse and storage units, every worker can enjoy proper lighting that will fit their needs. Since different technologies and types of industry require different lighting levels, safety protocols and cleanliness certification, all their lighting equipment complies with laws no matter the industry. Human-centric lighting produces not only well-lit spaces but also happy and healthy workers.

Importance of accentuation

Many beautiful architectural achievements don’t get to live up to their names due to poor illumination. No matter if we’re talking about installations, art pieces, architectural details or furniture, lighting should work with it and accentuate its best features. This principle is important both in residential and commercial architecture since many businesses are trying to distinguish themselves in the market using innovative office design to attract clients and retain employees.

Architectural lighting can be one of the things that accentuate the design of the space, especially when used as accent lighting, backlighting and task lighting. By shifting attention to innovative designer lighting that complements specific design features, businesses can revive their space and create an image customers, clients and employees will remember.

Geometric lighting

The bold curves and angles of geometric lighting are what keep this trend relevant even today. In the world of architecture, geometric lighting works well from any angle, leaves a great impression no matter if suspended or recessed and they have a great aesthetic value. Even though the geometric design is often associated with contemporary environments, it also works in traditional spaces that want to have dynamic lighting.

Smart lighting

Once smart technology entered the world of lighting, everything changed. Smart lighting revolution began with LED fixtures that are extremely energy-efficient, but what continues is lighting that can be controlled with the touch of a smartphone screen. One simple app allows users to take control of various lighting aspects in their homes or offices ranging from color, temperature and dim of their fixtures.

This option is great for rooms where lighting levels need to be adjusted precisely depending on the people spending time in them or tasks being completed. The ability to change the color of lighting has various applications in the hospitality and entertainment industries since it allows the users to create specific ambient and mood.

Green up the space

The integration of living walls and suspended gardens into buildings’ interiors and exteriors brought us another lighting trend—hidden greenery lighting. Plants not only remove toxins, reduce stress and improve focus and creativity, but they also have a significant aesthetic value that needs to be shown off with lighting. New lighting trends mix architectural lighting with horticulture lighting which allows seamless illumination of indoor and outdoor plants.

Landscape lighting

Landscaping can greatly improve the aesthetics of the place, especially when well-illuminated. Today’s options with landscaping lighting are countless, but one thing stands out—flexible and movable spotlights. These fixtures allow the users to create changeable signature looks in any exterior space. When combined with static illumination like pathways, handrail and bollard lighting, residents and workers will be provided with a safe and accessible environment.

Linear lighting

This might not be the newest trend, but its ever-increasing popularity caused it to end up on this list. Clean lines and sharp edges of linear lighting are perfect both residential and commercial projects and it can be used to enhance architectural features, provide general lighting or make an aesthetic statement. No matter if recessed, mounted or suspended, this lighting trend is beloved thanks to its flexibility no other lighting type provides.

These lighting trends can be used to create original and innovative projects that will not only look good but also work to provide people with health and mood benefits. It’s a win-win situation!