When Should You Trim A Hedge?


You will not agree more that proper hedge trimming and hedge cutting can add great beauty to your garden. It is one of the most vital structures in the garden and that is why decent attention needs to get paid to the process. There are different types of hedging plants but differently. The type of plant dictates the style of cutting for instant flower hedging will be different. If you will be trimming the formal hedge then they need to be closely trimmed else they will lose the crisp outline. Other types of Hedges are low-growing box hedges which need to be trimmed vertically.

There are few things to keep in mind when hedge cutting. Let’s look into the details below.

Things To Do Before Hedge Trimming

For instance, you need to keep your shear sharp as well as clean. You need to be watching for the bird’s nest. Many people do not look out for it and unconsciously disturb the house of a bird. So be cautious and look out for such a nest and avoid trimming those hedges. Next, you need to take the assistance of any kind of hedge clipping guide and not rely only on your eyes. If you are wondering that what is the easiest way of such a level can take a string and stretched between two poles. If you are hedges are in different shapes then you will require different wooden templates for insuring uniformity along. Many people also make use of metal frame for trimming their hedges. These metal frames and used as a guide.

Things Not To Do Before Hedge Trimming

There are certain things which you should not be doing like never clip evergreen hedges when they have lost moisture. If you intend to trim then water the hedge an evening before.

When To Go For Hedge Trimming?

Now let’s come to the most vital aspect of this article which is the time of trimming your hedge. If you are wondering about the ideal time that let’s take into details below. The time of trimming depends on the type of hedge you own.  Generally, try trimming the hedges in late spring and early fall. Some people also prefer trimming Hedges during winter as this is when hedges are dormant. Avoid trimming Hedges during very dry or hot weather else it will experience an excessive leaf burn which is the last thing you ever want. Let’s dive further into specifics and see when to trim what. If you own Viburnum Tinus then May is the month for hedge trimming.

For the trimming of privet (Ligustrum) or hedging honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida) try hedge trimming anywhere from May to September. If you have grown Buxus hedge or hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) then trim either in the month of July or August. The other types of hedges like holly (Ilex), Elaeagnus, yew (Taxus baccata), and beech (Fagus sylvatica) needs to be trimmed in August/September.