Complete Guide – How To Relight A Gas Water Heater That Does Not Produce Hot Water


In case you have a standard tanks style gas water heater that is not working anymore and not producing hot water, the gas burner is not making the flame needed. The flame is required to heat the water, and this is how the cache water heater system works. The cost of living with process problems depends upon the kind of problem that you have. It can be extremely cheap, or sometimes it can be expensive.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to relight a gas water heater that does not produce hot water anymore. So keep on reading to find out more information below about gas hot water NZ.

Things That You Require

  1. Flashlight
  2. Long handed lighter
  3. Thermometer or a flame sensor


 1. Turn Off Gas

A gas regulator valve is placed outside the water heater. Look for it and then place the gas control knob on the regulator valve. You have to return it off. Then all you need to do is to wait for at least five to seven minutes, and then the gas will dissipate in the burner chamber.

 2. Cover On Burner Chamber

Look for the base of the water heater and place the metal cover there. The purpose of this metal cover is to protect the burner chamber. Now slide it off and put it aside for a while. Usually, this cover is put together by using metal tabs, and it can easily be removed by lifting the cover. The taps can be freed by sliding the cover outside. After a few tries, there will be some screws that whole the cover in a single piece together.

 3. Pilot Light

Now you have to place the two gas tubes that go through the gas control valve to the burner. Using a flashlight will help you out in this procedure. These two large tubes are responsible for delivering the gas to the burner, and the smaller cubes have an open and where the pilot flame is burning.

There is a wire ending in the small metal probe at the end of the pilot light, which is called the thermocouple.

 4. Light The Pilot

Now you have to turn the gas control to the pilot setting and then hold it over there for a while. By using your other hand, simultaneously use a lighter to put flame to the end of a pilot light gas tube. Then you will see a gas flame appearing at the end of the pilot light line. Make sure that you hold it down for at least one minute so that it can heat up.

 5. Gas Valve

Once you have put a flame at the pilot light for 1 minute then released this button and turn the gas control valve to the ON option.

 6. Testing

You can test it by turning the thermostat on the gas control valve at a high-temperature setting. Listen for any noise coming from the main burner igniting. After you have done all this procedure, you can slide the burner chamber cover. If it is misaligned, then it can cause drafts to blow out the pilot flame.