5 Essential Improvements For Your Next Bathroom Remodel


There are many big & small things that you can change around your bathroom to make your daily life easier, better, and smarter. A lot of people don’t give much thought to how their bathrooms are renovated and regret it later on.

If you are looking forward to some bathroom renovations soon then these are the 5 essential improvements that can breathe new life into your lifestyle!

1.  Better Lighting

Usually, bathrooms don’t have much natural light flowing them. When renovating your bathroom, considering improving the lighting is one of the best decisions you’d make. First of all, it is recommended to add dimmer lights around your bathroom. That is because showering under artificial lights can be a bit stressful while dim lights are more relaxing and calming.

Make sure to add some recessed fixtures around the mirror for the best lighting when you do your hair or makeup while looking in the mirror.

2.  Efficient Storage

Storage is something that is never enough but you can make that problem go away with a sleek storage design in your bathroom. For instance, adding a recessed medicine cabinet above the vanity is a great idea to utilize space without impacting the aesthetics of your bathroom. Recessed cabinets can add a good volume to the storage design of your bathroom.

You can keep all of the necessary vanity or medicines in there for easy access when needed. So a win-win for you!

3.  Water-Resistant/Waterproof Materials

You can’t keep your bathroom completely dry, after all, it’s the place where you take baths and showers. Anyhow, the moisture in the bathroom area in your house is one of the major reasons for mold growing around. You can easily handle this situation.

You can choose materials for flooring, wall paint, and other things around the bathroom that are waterproof so that it doesn’t stay moist for extended durations. For instance, you can choose quartz instead of granite or marble for the countertop in your bathroom. Quartz is more moisture and stain-resistant compared to other similar materials.

4.  Window In The Shower

Now, this is when you have the opportunity and the capacity to install a window in your shower. It could bring a new angle to your bathroom as some natural light in your showering area can add very uplifting vibes to your daily shower routines compared to artificial lighting.

Windows in the shower can also help you get rid of humidity as well. You won’t feel suffocated when taking steamy showers anymore thanks to the windows!

5.  Small & Textured Shower Floor Tiles

A lot of people make the mistake of installing big & flat tiles on the bathroom floors. They look very good without a doubt but they have a downside, you can slip off them very easily.

That is why it is recommended to add small and textured tiles on the shower floor so that you stay grounded and not slip.

6.  Wrapping It Up!

These were a few essential tips for you to improve your bathroom. Make sure to consider these improvements for a better experience.