5 Reasons You May Want to Consider A Roof Restoration for Your Home


An aging roof can lead to a number of problems both on the roof itself and inside your home. Over a number of years roofs will begin to deteriorate, and whilst sometimes a full roof replacement is inevitable, you can usually avoid this costly and time consuming process by simply restoring your roof instead. This method has a multitude of benefits ranging from increasing curb appeal to preventing long-lasting damage to your building, and these results are all possible without the high costs or hassle associated with a roof replacement.

1. Cost

The first thing to consider is the cost benefits; roof restoration is a lot cheaper than a full replacement of your roof. Roof replacement is incredibly expensive, and you could be looking to pay around $60 per square meter, which could end up costing you anywhere between $12,000 – $30,000 for the full roof depending on the size of your home. As well as this, you will need to think about the costs of labour and materials needed for roof replacement, because multiple tradespeople and expensive materials are required.

Roof restoration is quicker, less invasive, requires fewer materials and less labour so ends up working out at a much cheaper price. This could save you around $10,000 – $20,000 on average. This is partly because during a roof restoration usually only a few tiles are replaced, rather than the whole surface area of the roof – though you are able to replace them all if you wish to do so. In general, it is only recommended that you replace your full roof if it is entirely necessary, as this involves a lot of time, money, and effort. To get a good idea of your options its always a good idea to contact a few different roofing companies who can inspect your roof and give you their opinion.

2. Increases Value

A roof restoration is a great option for you if you are looking to sell your home. A fresh roof will help to increase the value of your house, and as a result could lead to a quicker sale, potentially adding an extra couple of thousand dollars onto the selling price. Not only can a roof restoration improve the building’s health and safety, but it can also increase the home’s aesthetic appeal.

Initial impressions count, and the roof is one of the first things a buyer will see when taking a look at your property. Old roofs are unattractive and can put interested parties off, therefore, it may be worth investing some money into restoring your roof if you are eventually thinking of selling your home, so that you can eventually reap the benefits during the sale.

Even if you are not looking to sell your home, it is worth considering a roof restoration in order to improve the building’s structural integrity and to keep you and your family safe whilst you live in the property.

3. Extends the Life of Your Roof

Australian weather is notoriously unpredictable; extreme winds and other types of weather like hail can damage the roof of your property. A damaged roof not only looks unattractive but can cause serious issues if the structure of your home is compromised. Ensuring that your roof is watertight and secure is important to avoid damage to the outside of the property.

If minor damage occurs, such as a cracked tile or a ridge cap falling off the roof, this can lead to serious problems. Tackling these issues early through roof restoration is quick and easy. Ridge caps are able to be secured or replaced, and the roof will be re-bedded and re-pointed if necessary. This is a great way to extend the lifespan of the roof without fully committing to a roof replacement. Most qualified roofers will agree that a roof restoration will often add a decade or more to the lifespan of your roof, so its definitely a worthwhile investment.

4. Prevents Leaks

As mentioned above, small problems with your roofing can spiral out of control if left to deteriorate. If you have a leak in your roof, water can seep in and this will potentially lead to water damage in the building, as well as moisture and mold problems. Often people will wait until they notice an issue before restoring their roof, but if you can see missing or buckling shingles, slow-draining downspouts, or loose materials around chimneys on the roof, it could be a sign that there are issues with water drainage – and this could cause a lot of problems if left untreated.

From inside your home, damp spots or bubbling wallpaper can indicate that your roof is inadequately protecting your building. If these are present, this will almost certainly lead to damp and mold in your home, which is not only unsightly but can cause health issues, therefore, it is vital that you regularly check the condition of your roof.

During a roof restoration, broken tiles will be replaced and anything that is not in the correct position will be rectified. This can help to fix these issues, and will leave your building watertight and looking fresh. Being proactive instead of reactive, and preventing leaks and other problems before they become dangerous will not only benefit your health, but also your wallet.

5. Design

You may also want to consider a roof restoration if your current roof lacks visual appeal. Making your roof look great again will not only make it stand out – important if you want to sell your home – but also ensures that it looks attractive to those who pass by your house. One of the ways that you can do this is by choosing different coloured tiles, as this can completely change the look of your home – terracotta tones will look more natural, whereas grey roof tiles look more modern and striking.

Naturally, the process of restoring your roof will mean that the tiles look cleaner and more aesthetically appealing. Depending on whether you use plainer tiles or pick something with an interesting texture can also transform the way that your whole home looks. This could be used to your benefit, to match an extension to your home and make the whole property look coherent, or to simply just change up the look of the building.