When Should You Start Complete Home Renovation

Interior of apartment during on the renovation and construction

Ever since mankind first figured out how to make shelters, we have been in the business of improving them. After all, most shelters aren’t for strict emergencies to keep us out of harm’s way from some gigantic storm. They’re built so we have a place to live, a place to relax, a place to sleep. With the modern home, we’re also looking for a place to congregate and eat and raise our children. We want comfortable, welcoming homes that go beyond meeting our needs and that actually reflect our tastes and our personalities. One of the best ways to get these sorts of benefits out of your home is to complete some home renovations so that your existing home is transformed into the home you actually want to live in.

Of course, nothing will achieve this result like a set of complete home renovations. What we mean by “complete” is that the entire house is remodelled. Bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room, and maybe even the basement if you have one; it’s about a whole home renovation that just gets all of the construction and upgrades out of the way at once. This is becoming a very popular project for many people. Though, when is it the right time to go through with these sorts of involved renovations? Here are some of the best times to do these sorts of reno projects.

Group of builders looking at the house blueprint before renovation

The Best Time to Start Complete Home Reno Projects

When the Market is Doing Well

You need a return on your renovation investment, even if you’re not planning on selling your home. Upgrading your home, especially with a complete set of renovations, will add a whole lot of value in the form of equity. This equity is essentially part of your net worth after the home you own is appraised. When the market is doing better, the home will be appraised for more, which means you will get tens of thousands of dollars of increased equity if you complete these renovations on a market upturn.

When You’re About to Sell

Of course, as alluded to above, you will also want that increased value for selling the home. If we are in the middle of a huge market upswing, like we are in the first quarter of 2021, then you can get many, many more thousands of dollars as pure profit from complete home renovations compared to fixing up and selling in a level or down-trending market. The thing about a hot market is that your home will be competing with many others for sale; however, that’s where those renovations come in to put your home over the top with its new looks and features.

When You Can Afford That Dream Home

You also need to be able to afford the renovations. Although you stand to gain a lot of profit from proper renovations, either as equity or in resell value, the project itself isn’t cheap. And it’s not as if the renovation contractor is going to give you the remodels on speculation, until which point you turn a profit and repay them. This isn’t an investment on their part; it’s a job. So, of course, you should always wait until which time you can afford the renovations without going into debt or having to struggle to come up with the funds.

When You Can Get Away

The thing about complete renovations is that they mean what’s implied: Your whole home is going to be renovated. So, it’s not as if you will be sleeping in your bedroom and accessing your kitchen while the crew spruces up your bathroom and living room. No, you will likely have to vacate the home for a few weeks, or maybe even more than a month. So, if you have some extended vacation time coming up, or some travel plans, this will coincide perfectly with home renovations. Let the professionals handle the remodelling construction while you’re staying somewhere else, so you can return to a completed project.

It’s never a bad time to have parts of your home fixed up and remodelled, though having your entire home renovated is a different story. When it’s the right time, the right contractor will be waiting.