Can Window Be Resealed?

ice on the plastic window close-up, front and background blurred with bokeh effect

Windows matter a great deal to a quality home, maybe even more than you realize. Sure, people who are in the market for buying homes want nice, updated modern windows, and appraisers assessing the value of homes also look carefully at windows. But in a far more practical sense for people who live in these homes, having sturdy, functioning windows will end up saving them a lot of money on their energy costs, and it just makes for a more pleasant experience living in the home. Unfortunately, however, windows are finite and things on them will eventually start to pull loose and break.

The panes of glass are seated inside of the frame with sealant, and this can eventually chip away, pull loose, or just wear out. If things get too bad, you can always seek a window replacement. However, before you get to that point, you may just need to reseal your windows. Can this actually be done?

Yes, Windows Can Be Resealed

The good news is that, yes, your windows can be resealed, and it’s a pretty easy thing to do. By and large, you won’t need any specialty tools or any sort of expertise. All you really need is a scraping tool, some waterproof adhesive sealant, and a little patience. You will remove the grilles of your window and ensure that the panes and the grills are scraped clean and smooth (attaching new grilles is also a good idea). You will line the items with sealant, per the manufacturer’s directions, and simply place your pieces back together and wait for the sealant to dry. It’s a simple procedure that has a few solid benefits.

Repairman hand installing the windows with gun silicone. closeup

3 Benefits of Resealing Your Windows

1: Extending Their Life

The life of your windows mostly has to do with your frames. You can always replace broken panes of glass, but the frames are more complex to deal with. You have parts of the frame like the head, the rail, the sash, and the casing. These are all the components that hold your windows together. The little border-like pieces around the glass panes are called grilles. When these pieces start to individually fail, the entire frame will eventually start to fail. Resealing your windows and setting your grilles will keep the structure a lot sturdier, so that it lasts longer.

2: Controlling Your Climate

Having bad seals on your windows means that you’re letting the outside draft come in, and you’re allowing your indoor climate to escape. What does this mean for your electricity and fuel bills? It means that you’re paying a lot more in the winter to heat your home, and more in the summer to cool it. You are going to be using more energy to control your climate inside, because it is being offset by the elements outside. Resealing your windows allows you to create a tight seal that insulates against the elements.

3: Improves the Aesthetic

Lastly, new grilles on your windows just look great and will help those windows look brand new. A lot of people reseal their windows when it’s time to paint them. They will go ahead and get some high-quality sealant, some new grilles, and they will take the time necessary to scrape off the old sealant and to set everything in place. Then they will tape up and paint everything. The end result is a window that looks brand new, like you just bought it.

What to do When Resealing is Out of the Question

Resealing your windows is a great way to extend their life and to get some other benefits out of the job, but it’s not always possible to reseal the existing frames. The fact of the matter is that your windows just may be too far gone to fix in any meaningful way. When this happens, it’s simply time for a window replacement. You can find a great local company to step in and assist you with replacing your windows with some high-quality, energy-efficient options that you will really appreciate.

Just remember that when your windows are too far beyond common repair options, it’s time to have them replaced. Look to a reputable local company to step in and help you get the sorts of windows you need for your home.