Are Kitchen Renovations with Oak Cabinets Good?

Male Contractor Hands Framing Completed Section of Custom Kitchen Design Drawing.

More and more, kitchens are becoming the focal point for families. No matter the size of the house, or the size of the family, people are really gravitating toward spending time and entertaining in their kitchens. This means that plenty of people are out there trying to get their kitchens remodelled so that they’re more spacious and updated. If this is something you would like to do, then it all starts with visiting a site like to find the right company.

Kitchen renovations allow you to really create the kitchen of your dreams. A lot of people place focus on their cabinets and wonder what type they should get. Perhaps you were considering going with oak cabinets but aren’t sure yet. Here are some of the best benefits of oak cabinets for your kitchen. Or you may also like to buy furniture at

5 Great Benefits of Oak Cabinets

1: Durable and Tough

Oak is hardwood, and it’s one of the most popular wood types used for flooring. As you might imagine, a wood variety that can handle years of people walking on it and furniture sliding across it can certainly hold up to some plates and a door opening and closing. Oak cabinets are incredibly durable. Often it is the case that kitchen renovators will enter a home and find existing oak cabinets that have been there for generations, and they’re still in good shape. Maybe a bit dirty and grimy, but still in working order.

2: Easy to Paint

The kitchen renovators you hire aren’t going to install rough, jagged pieces of wood. They’re going to install smooth, finished oak cabinets. Kitchen renovations leave you with no work to do once they’re completed. However, if you wanted to, these cabinets are very easy to paint. If it’s a few years down the line and you’re ready for a new look, you won’t have to do much to your oak cabinets. Prime them, paint them, and let them dry. It’s simple.

3: Blends Into Any Aesthetic Model

As we mentioned above, these cabinets are easy to paint. Oakwood is also very easy to stain, etch, scorch, etc. What does this mean? It means that no matter what sort of aesthetic you’re going for in your remodelled kitchen, you can be sure that your oak cabinets will blend right in. If left alone, they look fantastic in any traditional kitchen. With a touch of stain, they make a great accent piece in contemporary kitchens. If you want to go more modern, you can paint them and still experience all the rest of the benefits. The floor is wide open with oak cabinets.

4: Affordable Wood

Oak is very plentiful. A lot of people adore cedar, but this wood is harder to come by and thus commands a higher price tag. With oak, you will still be paying for the level of quality the wood provides to you, but you will also be able to find affordable sets of cabinets that are made out of solid oak because oak is a plentiful type of wood. It isn’t the most affordable type you can go with, but it’s a lot cheaper than cedar, blackwood, sandalwood, bocote, and other types of rarer woods that many people would like to go with.

5: Very Easy to Maintain

The last benefit about which we will speak here is the ease of maintenance that you get with oak cabinets. Because oak is a hardwood and the cabinets are likely to be treated with some sort of finish, you can really go to town on scrubbing them if they’re really dirty. They can hold up to a range of cleaners without affecting the wood at all. Best of all, if they do get bad sports on them, bubbles, warps, etc., you can easily sand that out and refinish, and the cabinets will still look good as new. Oak is that durable.

There are all sorts of cabinet styles you can go with, from composite woods and sustainable bamboo to fibreglass and plastic polymer options. Throughout the many years, oak has stood at the front of the line for all the many benefits that these types of cabinets offer to a homeowner. Just remember to find the right company to install them if you’re going with oak.